Since the creation of our agency, we have supported a number of clients in their inbound marketing campaigns. By implementing these strategies Tonga Email List at making their website (s) business development tools, we quickly realized that they allowed a lot of things to be overhauled. These items aren’t meant to be an exhaustive list, but they should invite you to look a little deeper, and this is also how we invite our clients to redefine their marketing. Let’s see it big! Remember, a few weeks ago we launched a white paper on lean marketing and introduce the notion of Growth Hacking here: these principles are the backbone of our year 2014.

For these 6 reasons and seeing the first uses, mobile applications are becoming particularly relevant levers for brands to speak out. This is the key time to launch a new form of mobile marketing. Have you ever used or considered using these mobile apps for your own Social Media strategy? Do not hesitate to comment !
At this time, in order to send relevant content to someone through these apps, user consent is required. He must accept you in his network. Once accepted, you belong to the user’s network just like their friends. Your content is part of his daily life.

Inbound marketing calls for fundamental questions

Who are my clients ? How to address them? Where are they located? What are their daily needs? Caught up in old habits, accustomed to “copy and paste + 3% years”, to redundant MARCOM plans, to the need to constantly justify their activities to management or sales departments, marketing managers sometimes lose the global vision of their business. activity. Thinking “inbound marketing” then allows you to take a step back, to write a story that will be anchored in time, a story that will not end up in the dumpster like the pallets of year n-1 sales brochures that you had edited too much.

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At the end of 2013, I wrote an article for Les Echos on the upheavals that digital marketing draws into the time / value frame of reference of traditional marketing and which goes in this direction. To bring customers to you, you will often have to start from scratch, but you will come out of it growing up, even for outgoing and traditional communication activities, which will become more efficient by resting on healthy and refreshed foundations. So here we are, redefining the company’s stakeholders : we know our customers, we know what they expect from us, we know where to find them. So offering them content, getting them to come to us, turning them into leads is therefore a walk in the park for any self-respecting inbounder who will rely on an effective content marketing strategy. It works, but now is the time for us (and you) to take it up a notch.

Inbound marketing is not just an additional channel

By bringing customers to you with inbound marketing, you strengthen your lead generation and improve your sales efficiency, which will directly impact your turnover. However, if you act on these same customers, well identified for years, for whom you have perfectly defined typical content, you are missing out on 90% of the potential of the inbound marketing process. Indeed, by acting in this way, you are only adapting your inbound marketing to your existing communication strategy, and you are turning your back on all the specificities of digital marketing:it is cheaper, extremely adaptable, and it has almost no limits. Where traditional communication is for many a matter of money, well-executed inbound marketing, inspired by lean marketing, allows codes to be broken and the company to be revolutionized.

It then becomes a Growth Hacking tool . Go back to all the questions we worked on previously: Who are my customers? How to address them? Where are they located? What are their daily needs? What if we added a “why?” If this demonstration is a figment of the imagination and does not adapt to all companies, it should make you think: By asking yourself the question of why, you may come to mind: “This is historical” “it is too expensive to have visibility in the USA”, “We do not know this market”, “We can not reach the general public” … and all these reasons hold water once n ‘ more necessarily make sense in the digital age. Do you feel ready to give your business a second life, even going so far as to review your Business Model?

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