We were already talking to you in New Zealand Email Database 2019 about the arrival of advertising in Google Images which accentuated Google’s policy of integrating the paid aspect into all its forms of SERP (results pages). The vocal results being spared, until today. As shown in the screenshots below directly from the article published on the Google blog , the responses generated by a voice search within the Google Assistant are visually enriched with the display of images illustrating events taking place near you or by integrating a chart when the voice search relates to stock market information. SERP Google Assistant event Voice result linked to an event search

Let’s not be naive, it had been some time since Google more or less officially tested the integration of Google Ads into its voice assistant. In terms of potential revenues, the playing field is considerable since the American giant announced at the last CES in Las Vegas that its Google Assistant would soon be used on 1 billion devices around the world including Android smartphones as well as assistants. Google Home and Google Home Hub . The Google Home Hub brings us straight to visual research which, with this personal assistant, should quickly become part of everyday life in French homes, as we talked about in a previous article .

Enriched vocal results

Monetization of voice and visual search With the arrival of advertising in the results of the Google Assistant, the Californian company is opening a new monetization channel since the Google Home Hub has a screen displaying the results generated by a voice search. Another interesting fact this time directly linked to behavior, 75% of French users use their voice assistant to search for information . The other uses relate to listening to music (61%), listening to messages (51%) and controlling connected objects at home (43%). These statistics will probably please SEO specialists since they emphasize the need to optimize website content for voice search .


It is difficult today to identify which internet giant will emerge victorious from the war of voice assistants even if it will be played between Amazon and Google. One thing is certain, however, the global voice keywords. Whether you decide to tackle it on your own or hire an agency specializing in Amazon Ads , these Amazon strategies will help you maximize the return on investment of your Amazon campaigns. As the name suggests, the goal of these campaigns is to generate engagement. Facebook will show your ads to users who are most likely to interact . However, an Interaction campaign is not intended to convert these users but rather has the mission of:

When Google Ads advertising enters

Facebook suggests using this goal when you are in the “Consideration” phase but we believe this goal can be used at any phase of the conversion funnel if you have the right content! One of the best things you can do with the Lead Generation goal is to harvest emails so you can start building your email base along with your Paid Social actions. If you have content to share, we recommend testing this goal which can be very effective! The Video views campaign is recommended during the consideration phase. The advantage of this type of lens is that it is really very affordable compared to the other lenses that Facebook provides. With a good creative

you can also achieve an interesting CTR (Click Through Rate), which means that you are not only driving traffic like many other goals could, but you are educating users with video content before. they arrive on your site. For one of our clients, we compared the performance of an objective Video Views campaign with that of a Traffic campaign, both targeting the same audience. The result was that the number of pageviews was almost the same but the cost per pageviews was much cheaper with a Video Views campaign To sum up: The cost per landing page views was cheaper and more users had seen the video: So it was a win-win. You can also build audiences on users who viewed the video.

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