After taking out three adjacent accounts from the leak data to log in. Capturing the packets and analyzing the user IDs are continuous. It has been preliminarily proved that the data has a Turkey Phone Number  great suspicion of dragging the database. At present, has confirm the authenticity of the user information leakage news. And urgently issu an announcement to notify  users to change their passwords in time. And also prevent the risk of credential stuffing caus by the same Turkey Phone Number password in advance. What is a tow library? What does a tow library mean? Tow library, also known as “take off the pants”, is often due to some small website server security measures are not in place.

Some Small Website Server Security Turkey Phone Number

Credential stuffing means that “good people” on the Internet obtain a large number of user names and passwords through some channels, and use this account password to Turkey Phone Number log in to a large website. . This means that once a user uses the same account password on multiple sites, as long as one of them is dragged to the library due to inadequate security measures, all the user’s account information will be threaten! In fact, acquiring data in a website database does not necessarily require very advance  Turkey Phone Number technology and cost. A person who masters some basic hacking techniques plus a powerful and efficient hacking tool can complete the “drag library”. task, and once the illegally obtain database is use for credential stuffing, it will often cause greater harm.

 The Library Due to Inadequate Turkey Phone Number

Turkey Phone Number
Turkey Phone Number

Tow library hazards – the domino effect of password leakage On December 21, 2011. The database of a professional website began to be madly forward online. Including the leakage Turkey Phone Numbers of more than 6 million register email addresses and passwords in plain text. A large number of affect users change their passwords overnight. Since then, the user databases of 5 websites including 178 have been release one after another, and the media has reveal that dozens of Turkey Phone Number large websites have been “dragged by hackers, thus pushing the password crisis to a peak at the end of 2011.

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