London-based BotsAndUs has Taiwan Email List two robots for Heathrow Airport, known as “Bo”, which guide passengers to various airport services such as the oversized baggage counter and restaurants, in several languages. They have an 11-inch screen with 3D and LIDAR sensors and many more. In addition, it is able to navigate the airport itself with a charge of 8 hours of autonomy. In Amsterdam, the Spencer robot (Social situation-aware PErceptioN and action for CognitivE Robots) has been present for about 4 years. He scans passengers’ plane tickets and accompanies them to the boarding gate. It can even adjust its speed to that of the guided group,

The American SoftBank has developed a humanoid robot to serve passengers in restaurants in Terminal 2 at Oakland Airport. Named Pepper, he is able to recommend food and drink to passengers. However, his responsibilities are not limited to restaurants. It is able to give directions to boarding gates, toilets and many other airport services thanks to the screen on the robot’s torso. Pepper has helped passengers at airports in Belgium and Japan as well as patients at several California hospitals. This is possible thanks to the touch sensors and the various technical features that allow it to have a friendly appearance.

London Heathrow

autonomously avoid obstacles and inform passengers in real time of all possible changes in their flight. In addition, he adapts to social rules and learns from the guided group to deal with them in the most appropriate way. This project, supported by the European Commission, was organized by Schiphol Airport, KLM Airlines, SME Bluebotics, certain universities the Hogeschool Aachen and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). In addition, a robot of the same style is being tested at Incheon Airport in South Korea with the investment of LG Electronics under the name EMIEW3. Pepper, the humanoid and programmable robot from SoftBank Robotics


Shenzhen Airport launched the Anbot robot in Terminal 3. Developed by Shenzhen Public Security Bureau and the Chinese National Defense University, Anbot or Security Bot (An means security in Chinese) is capable, like its peers elsewhere in the world , accompany passengers to their boarding gate and help them find the various airport services. It also performs security checks thanks to its 4 high-resolution cameras with facial recognition. It can also spot fires and measure air quality. It is supposed to help airport police spot suspects and even trigger tasers (if validated by a remote police officer). Anbot has an autonomy of 8 hours, travels at a speed of up to 18 km / h and is on site 24 hours.

Amsterdam Schiphol

We are also very proud of what we do and of the project; we have the impression of participating in creating a better world even if it is only at the scale of scooters! Our action contributes to the well-being of everyone: less noise, less smell, less pollution in the city! On the patient side, there are very few refusals because it is the doctors who offer the follow-up to their patients, which promotes their confidence. In addition, these are patients with serious and chronic pathologies who know the importance of follow-up for the treatment of their pathology. The platform for the patient remains limited for the moment (instant messaging).

We are currently carrying out a study project with researchers in sociology and psychology to target what would interest patients in terms of functionality on the solution. As for healthcare professionals, they are convinced by the automatic aspect of the solution which does not create additional tasks for them. In terms of digital adherence, the panel is wide: very enthusiastic “geeks”, half-hearted members, refractories, and so on. What is undeniable is that the covid crisis has infused the usefulness of remote monitoring and has shown that it is possible. In France, e-health is booming with many projects in development. The covid has brought the needs to light. However, it remains fragmented and lacks structure.

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