so Spotify’s sponsorship of FC Barcelona could be key for future seasons. Let’s remember that the team has been sailing against the tide for quite a few seasons now. due to constant debts. But. what is this agreement about and how would Spotify’s sponsorship of FC Barcelona impact sport marketing? What would the sponsorship be about? The sponsorship that it would seek to close in the coming days. or perhaps months. would have many differences with the one offered by the Japanese brand. In the first place. the Swedish company would put on the table a joint offer to assume the front sponsorship of the.

Blaugrana team’s shirt and the back of the training kit. In addition. the company that ventures into the music business would seek the ‘tittle rights’ of the Lebanon Phone Number Camp Nou. the stadium where the squad plays. according to information from “Tot Costa”. But not only that. it is estimated that in the best scenario. the company’s offer could exceed 100 million annually. almost double what the Japanese brand Rakuten offered. Even some media would assure that the offer would be much larger than what is mentioned. reaching the figure of 340 million.

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although the outlook certainly does not seem so encouraging. What could make the agreement difficult The main problem with this proposal lies in the time of the agreement. as FC Barcelona would not be interested in a short-term agreement. Contrary to the contract he has with the current sponsors. he would seek to sign for an economic agreement of between 15 and 30 years that allows him to stabilize his economy. Therefore. Spotify’s offer would be under consideration. In addition to this. the Spanish club already has some other sponsorship proposals for the first team shirt. VeganNation. Tencent and Polkodot are among those that have applied alongside Spotify to take on sponsorship.

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The team has appraised the value of its main shirt. counting the front and sleeve. And the training shirt at a minimum of 80 million annually. Finally. after having hindered the long agreement that the team led by Xavi would have sought. Some media assure that the negotiations. which are still in process. Would be close to being finalized. However. the details would still be changing and it is believed that. The agreement by which they would urgently accept Spotify’s proposal to. Recover economically would seek to reach an economic figure that would be around 60-65 million euros. Which would include the details mentioned above. .

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Binance and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) sealed a comprehensive sponsorship deal on January 24. Actually. they announced it this Monday. because the signing had materialized a few days before. However. within hours of being released. the problems began. What is it about? The AFA already had a previous contract (from 2021 and for three years). With an international company linked to tokenization in soccer. Is the creator of Fan Tokens . A partner of more than 120 sports organizations around the world. including the most important clubs in world football.

It also has contracts with Formula 1 teams. NBA. NFL and MLS franchises. among others. The company. a few hours after the agreement with Binance was known. Released a statement in which it warns that it will initiate legal action against the AFA. Among our partners is also the Argentine Football Association. With whom we signed a three-year agreement nine. Months ago that is in full force . and with which last summer we launched $ARG. The official Fan Token of the Argentine soccer team says the text. AFA announcing an agreement to grant the rights that legally correspond to another provider.

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