Amazon’s market share in Pakistan Email List has grown very strongly in recent years with more and more brands focusing their attention on Amazon advertising in order to increase their visibility and sales. Now, businesses can no longer ignore the power that Amazon offers when it comes to reaching buyers directly on France’s # 1 e-commerce. As a reminder, Amazon represents more than 20% of the e-commerce market share in France, with in terms of searches, more searches relating to a product than on Google. Over the years, Amazon has grown to become the third largest advertising platform behind Facebook and Google. And that’s just the beginning.

Initially, just having your products for sale on Amazon was enough to generate sales. Today, if you want to sell successfully on Amazon, it is imperative that you communicate about your products through Amazon Advertising. Amazon’s search algorithm is complex, a lot of factors are taken into account in order to rank your products on Amazon and make them visible, such as the quality of customer reviews. But Amazon is increasingly cracking down on the manipulation of product reviews aimed at improving SEO. In order to be as efficient as possible and increase Amazon sales, a lot of the marketing effort that was previously allocated to generating product reviews has shifted to advertising on Amazon.

Choosing the right search terms

Rather than focusing on price reduction offers for a posted review or other incentives, we recommend that you use Amazon advertising to get more sales and at the same time increase your chances of getting customer reviews. This increase in your visibility will allow you to get more traffic and conversions to your products in order to improve their Amazon SEO. Usually, right after launching your product on Amazon, you will be relying heavily on Amazon advertising to make it immediately visible on the first page. However, if your product is optimized for its Amazon SEO properly, your dependence on Amazon Advertising will decrease over time.


However, you may still need to invest in advertising on Amazon even if your products are positioned well naturally, in order to protect yourself from competitors who may invest in Amazon advertising on your brand name and products in the same category. The more niche your products are, the less you will have to spend on advertising on Amazon. However, for most products, we are convinced that at the moment the cost to advertise on Amazon is much lower than on other platforms like Google Ads. Amazon gives you the ability to make your product visible to buyers at lower costs than Facebook and Google.

Sponsored Brands ads

To get started, you can start your Amazon advertising campaign with a product that is already selling well and measure your ROI, before adding other products. Over the years, Amazon Advertising has undergone a lot of changes, and recently the platform has renamed some of its products. Here you can use different types of keyword matches for your ads, exact or broad match like in Google Ads . You also have the option of adding negative keywords to exclude for the display of your Sponsored Products ads . Any Amazon seller on the Amazon Seller Central, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), or the Vendor Central platform can participate in the Sponsored Products program.

Note that Amazon has launched new targeting options in Seller Central such as Product, Interest, or Category targeting. It’s a safe bet that Amazon will soon roll out other targeting and keyword matching options for Sponsored Product campaigns. As can be seen above, Amazon behaves broadly the same as Google Ads with sponsored products displayed above organic results. However, before launching your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns, there are a few prerequisites that you should have in place. This means that if a brand sells its product directly on Amazon and resellers selling the same product are displayed in the Amazon Buy Box, it will be impossible for the brand to set up Sponsored Products advertising campaigns for that product.

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