It generates memories and nostalgia by remembering anecdotes from friends when it was time to rest after a class session. watching teachers in a pleasant talk. giving respite until resuming the activities. For those who did not have the experience of receiving the teachings in educational environments; uncertainty. curiosity and “nervousness”. as if it were the first day of classes could present themselves. Bearing in mind that the virtual modality will possibly end motivates reflection. As indicated above. the person has the ability to adapt to circumstances that cause discomfort or stress. this ability will be regulated by the stage of development.

It is not the same to mention the adaptability of a 9-year-old child. a 15-year-old adolescent or a 22-year-old. however. each stage has a baggage of specific Bahamas Phone Number tasks. in the case of children it is fun; the adolescent. interpersonal bonds; and the young. responsibility. What would happen if these tasks were combined in order to prepare the student for the return to attendance?… Fun. interpersonal ties and joint responsibility will complement each other to provide security and promote positive emotional states.

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Reflecting on an effective adaptation to this new event. in some cases visiting the classrooms for the first time. and remaining attentive for a period of time. and concentrated. waiting for the break between a set schedule. The fun extracted from the children strengthens the character of the student. remembering funny events that occur in a classroom will help to have a positive vision of the school environment. these memories can be experiences narrated by older brothers. cousins. parents. uncles. etc. ; as well as it is necessary to practice every morning before doing any activity: smile. this gesture is a good forecast for the beginning of the day. a sense of humor will support this process.

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Have interpersonal tiessignificant is a piece to consider in this preparation. Social networks united by common interests. Regardless of age. Social relationships are necessary for personal and social functioning. These relationships must be of quality. Knowing that these groups of friends will move to a face-to-face level. Can mean an opportunity to strengthen friendship. Ties and seriously recognize the meaning of friendship. The virtual classroom. a space where the activation of the camera.

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With only the link being the audio. The return will be beneficial. to break down those barriers In conclusion, and recognize. The importance of contact “even from a distance”. Of those colleagues who did not know each other. Responsibility will bring serenity; that is. It will help to demonstrate that it is gradually safe. To remain in a limited space and with people In conclusion, around; however. It does not mean that we should ignore established protocols. Although it may seem uncomfortable for the student to wear a mask. Facial protector constant use of alcohol. among others.

It is worth being responsible In conclusion, with oneself and with others. Since this will contribute to the decline. Of the virus and walk freely in the near future. The family as the main agent of this preparation will contribute to the strengthening of the aforementioned tasks. Through example experiences and security. Be an observer of emotional In conclusion, changes and intervene through dialogue. Tespect and trust that a new stage will begin. Transmitting positive messages. Help evaluate the list of activities.

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