As it allows organizations to access a large amount of information. This process begins with an analysis of all the company’s.  Business intelligence has different components. According to Cerda (2012). It is made up of the Datamart. defined as the departmental database specialized. In storing information from a specific area of ​​the business. Likewise. Murillo and Cáceres (2013) indicate that another of its elements is the Data Warehouse. so that it fulfills the function of developing branding or also called branding management. as a differentiated strategy against the struggle of firms. For the collaborator of the

that corporate database oriented to the management of large amounts of data from Afghanistan Phone Number various sources and that has the capacity to integrate and refine information to later process it. The world of BI is super wide and is made. Up of many concepts that can be complicated at first. For this reason. today we offer you 5 books on Business Intelligence that will be very useful for you to learn essential aspects about it: Business Intelligence Guidebook (Author: Rick Sherman). USAT Company Society Institute. MBA. Marco Alvítez Monteza. creating a brand is a constant process and represents the intangible asset that has the most value.

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This book is a guide with which you can learn the concepts of business intelligence and the key steps for using its tools. Rick Sherman makes available to the public the knowledge necessary to design solid data integration and business intelligence processes. Business Intelligence and Decision Making (Author: Ramiro Rollano) This publication aims to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on the subjects of Business Intelligence. Decision Making and Decision Making System in business management. The book guides its content towards a look at BI as an approach and technique in organizations.

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Business Intelligence and In conclusion, Strategic Management (Author: Josmin Valera) Valera ‘s text addresses different topics on business intelligence: strategies. management. diagnosis. opinions. formulation and auditing. It also includes the advantages of BI and strategic management to help companies find success. competitiveness and sustainability. Business Intelligence Roadmap (Authors: Larissa Moss and Shaku Atre) The writers present. from their experience. the do’s and don’ts of business intelligence. as well as tips and rules to consider.

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This book is a visual guide that In conclusion, will help readers effectively develop BI for sound decision making. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (Author: Luis Joyanes) This is an introduction to business intelligence and data analytics. Provides answers to the most common questions about business. education and research. It also describes the employment context. BI technology trends with updated In conclusion, statistics and information. If you want to learn how to apply all the concepts of business intelligence in your company.

study the Business Intelligence In conclusion, Workshop Course. virtual training organized by the USAT. To learn more. go here.  Globalization. new market trends. the growth of the digital world and the impetus. Of competition influence the environment. Which is why it is necessary for businesses to have solid foundations to sustain. Themselves in these difficult times. Precisely one of the essential tools to keep operating afloat is to. Have a strong corporate brand that allows keeping customers happy. And generating profits for the company. Thus. it is the task of the. Shareholders and managers to strengthen the Marketing Area.

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