Were some of the comments received by the publication of the television station. Claro Sports the winner? Although Claro Sports has not yet presented its final figures on the broadcast. the truth is that its coverage on television. internet and streaming managed to conquer dozens of Mexicans. this being the company that owns the broadcasting rights of the sporting event. The deployment of Marca Claro and Claro Sports within different communication channels certainly seems to be a success for the audience.

To recognize their role in the transmission of sporting events. since most of them were free. the only thing that was needed was to have with an account. “I want to France Phone Number thank Claro Sports for the historic coverage they had of the Olympic Games. seeing all the complete competitions live was something unprecedented in Mexico. also free and without commercials and as a plus you can still see the competitions on YouTube. Televisa and TV Azteca with broadcasts full of commercials and with their hackneyed sketches with comedians who do not have fun and.

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Still boast of their great time. with all due respect. do not mmen. “commented a user in the Televisa publication. As well as this. other users mentioned that “We all saw them on ClaroSports”. “Well. how strange. because I only saw all the competitions on Claro Video”. “Extraordinary ClaroSport coverage. hopefully they will also have the World Cup in Qatar. With this in mind. we could consider Claro Sports as one of the big winners during the broadcast of the Olympic Games. where a good narrator and extensive coverage were all they needed to conquer the audience.

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One of the most applauded strategies was the participation of the journalist Alberto Lati. a sports writer with a long tradition in journalism covered by this source. who served as a differentiating axis from the competition. These types of actions are important references that we cannot lose sight of today. due to the opportunity that media brands find to stand out in a market where the narrative and especially of the Olympic Games becomes crucial in the market. At present. only subscribers to the pay.

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TV operators Movistar and Orange can watch all the football games of LaLiga. Santander and the second division of Spain (Liga SmartBank). However. this reality would be about to change radically since LaLiga. With the financial support of the CVC Capital Partners fund. Would be about to decide on a historic change in the television of the championship that. Will no longer have the presence of the former Barcelona player. Lionel Messi . about to sign with the French PSG. According to El Confidencial . the games will only be available through its own streaming service.

That “would propose a ‘Netflix of soccer’ in Spain.” According to the Spanish media. The idea was born from specific surveys of users of Euskaltel. MásMóvil and Vodafone. According to this information. 35 percent of Vodafone customers would pay for soccer matches if they were accessible. and half would seriously consider it. “It seems clear that there are many people who want to. Watch the games but cannot do so due to the contracts that. LaLiga has so far with Movistar and Orange to broadcast as part of their offers.” says El Confidencial. According to what has transpired. the intention would be to create an Over-The-Top platform

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