To help me find inspiration, I spoke with Portugal Email List of my colleagues on topics that inspire me. These subjects are notably listed in the introduction. My choice had stopped on the metaverse, a hot topic of the moment that is causing a lot of ink to flow. But looking back, Eric Ravenscraft at Medium will tell you better than I can. It was without counting on our national Louis-Alexandre Louvet who expressed the sentence that immediately inspired me: “Finally in the 21st century, we have no other choice but to be all a little geek”. Here is an interesting idea. Are we really all “a little geeky” in the 21st century? I still remember that time when being called a geek was pejorative.

The vision we shared in the collective unconscious was that of a person taking little care of themselves, constantly in front of their screen writing lines of code or playing video games. And yet today, the “geek” is rather perceived as a person with deep technical capacities on technological subjects, often with deep pockets. Personally, I have never considered myself to be a geek. Having no training in the fields of IT, only my curiosity drives me to discover new technological tools of the moment or in the making. A significant asset it is true for a consultant in the sector of technologies. However, I notice that more and more people are taking these technological topics head-on

A story that begins with a lack of inspiration

Personally, the topics most expressed in my discussions with my relatives or my clients are often related to automation. Scraping and automated data structuring , automated database updating, automated data transfer , automated reporting… And these discussions delight me. Why ? Firstly, because they stimulate my brain, which draws on all the skills acquired during my experiences to provide some answers during these exchanges; Secondly, because they allow me to acquire a new prism of reflection centered around the profession of my interlocutors, and their reflection of expert or neophyte; Third, because automation, I just like it. And yes, at home, even the vacuuming is automated …


since they apply to an IT department as well as to a sales or marketing department. At ISLEAN, we are fortunate to work with people from different backgrounds – entrepreneurs, engineers, financiers… Everyone contributes their own in technical matters. What is common to all? This culture of technology that we share and which pushes us to always find more solutions for our customers. Of course, we also rely on experts who have in-depth knowledge on these technological subjects. But it is our character that drives us to keep a constant watch on all the innovations put forward while maintaining a common ambition: Create tomorrow, now .

Geek a little, a lot, passionately

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