In the arsenal of tools available to an inbound marketing strategy, the ebook occupies a prominent place. It’s a hugely effective form of content that can have many benefits for the maker:… Nevertheless, despite the huge Uruguay Email List a business can derive from producing an ebook, only 34% of B2B professionals used it in 2013 . It must be said that the task can be enough to frighten more than one. Not only to produce an ebook you need to write its content (the equivalent of several articles), but you will also have to format it by finding an attractive design and a dedicated graphic charter… A titanic job awaits you !

For all the brave people who have decided to get down to writing their first ebook, here are some tips that will help you market your content better and not turn its launch into a sword in the water. Recently, the ” Hacking Health ” took place in Strasbourg, which brings together several hundred health and digital professionals . Participants have 3 days to form teams and propose the best m-health innovation, based on the usefulness, relevance but also the viability of the application . This year, the iPIPI connected object won the Jury’s Favorite Prize and the Audience Prize. Le Figaro transcribed the winners’ comments in an article dedicated to the competition: “

After launching your ebook

That’s it, the big day has arrived! At this stage, your audience will certainly have heard of the release of your ebook and, if the topic interests them, they will rush to your site to take possession of it. It is therefore important that you are perfectly prepared in order to avoid any grain of sand which could run the risk of jamming a mechanism which was previously perfectly oiled. Indeed, the publication of an ebook cannot be considered in the same way as a simple blog article. Several elements must be present to guarantee its success:

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An optimized dedicated landing page (catchy and relevant title, clear and precise language, description of some strong elements of the ebook content) to facilitate conversion. Some examples are available here ; Of Call-To-Action placed at strategic places on your website (for example in the sidebar or bottom of a blog post that addresses the same subject). Be careful not to interfere with the user experience;

A form intended to retrieve the contact information of your prospects (see on this subject our article on best practices to improve your conversion rate ).The principle is simple: after dipping a strip in the urine, we slip it into a small box. This is connected to an application that you download to your smartphone and which makes it», Explains Sébastien Jousset, a master’s student in« pharma marketing »at Paris Sud. “ This makes it possible to identify at home, during pregnancy, urinary tract infections or the appearance of gestational diabetes, but also fertility curves, for those who have difficulty conceiving, ” adds his colleague Laurent Millot.

Don’t forget to “market your content marketing”

You have invested a lot of time and energy in producing your very first ebook, and you rightly hope that this one will offer you a satisfactory ROI, that is to say that it allows you to attract traffic. qualified who will turn into a lead, and incidentally into a customer. But, even if your content is a real masterpiece, it won’t generate effective results if you don’t plan to promote it strategically.

Another trend is emerging in digital healthcare marketing : that of serious games . Often used in the field of awareness, they allow users a fun but instructive experience related to a pathology. They come in various forms: from immersion in the daily life of a person suffering from a disease to games that require physical activity for rehabilitation, or even accident simulations to test their reflexes, the possibilities are very varied. In 2012, during the e-health meetings, the serious game Voracy Fish was the best industrial e-health project: the objective is to help the rehabilitation of the upper limbs after a stroke. Demo in the video below:


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