With the consumer whenever the need arises. both to resolve doubts or incidents. Together with the voice assistant. we have image recognition in searches. For example. with Google Lens becoming more and more present. everything we associate with audiovisual content will play in favor of the company and its conversions. If a giant like Amazon makes use of visual search. why don’t you get an alternative? Finally. to all this that we are experiencing. it is necessary to highlight that virtuality is here to stay. and that is why many companies have digitized some of their activities through the home office or virtual work.

which has made the difference in the last two years. that is. For this reason. this new modality will possibly stay forever. we are sure it will be a trend from now on Armenia Phone Number to have virtual and face-to-face work in the same company and we have no choice but to adapt. otherwise we will be out of this game called business.  When starting a business project. many doubts and fears arise. in most cases. due to the lack of experience in the process. Many times we wonder if the product or service we want to sell will be accepted or if customers will like the color. size. design.

So They Created Michelob Ultra

weight. etc. Another question that we try to solve is if the price that we have considered is correct or if we should modify it so as not to be left behind in the purchase priority. But this is not only the case with first-time entrepreneurs. as many business leaders also have unknowns that they want to solve in order to maintain the growth of their organization and to meet their strategic objectives. For example. they investigate if they are already positioned in the market or are not yet recognized by the segment they are targeting. or if the time has come to expand operations and open new establishments in the same city or in another.

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In this sense. it is important to search for information to answer these questions and. thus. make the right decisions. But how can we achieve it? The collaborator of the Instituto Empresa Sociedad (IES) of the USAT. MBA. Marco Alvítez Monteza explains that it can be achieved through market research. A useful tool to collect and analyze information. as well as the recording of the interview for later analysis. Currently. many people are applying for various job positions and are waiting for online interviews. Therefore. today we bring you 7 key tips to prepare in advance: The preparation of questions: open or closed.

Courtside A Digital Experience

Recruiters have chosen to use online interviews. which have great advantages. such as reducing the costs of recruitment and selection processes. Likewise. they allow the participation of more than one recruiter or candidate at the same time.  Data collection: through the application of an instrument. It is necessary that prepared and trained people collaborate. To carry it out in the shortest possible time. because if it expands. The answers may have biases. The new trends that appear. globalization. Electronic commerce. social networks. etc. The analysis of the results obtained: to then prepare the final report.

The document must contain figures and tables that make it easier to interpret the data. The information will help leaders make decisions that help improve. Organizations and reduce investment risk that could harm future economic solvency. What are the advantages of applying a market study? The benefits become visible in areas such as marketing. As it helps determine if a product has the required acceptance or the operations department. To investigate the production process.

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