Today retargeting depends entirely on data capture by google. If brands decide to implement their own dmp’s (data management platform). They will be able to capture their users’ data duly segmented by audience clusters. This means that a brand will be able to create a cluster of a certain topic. And with this it will be able to know the intention of its users to later impact them in a segmented way. An example of this could be a mass of women who enter to read yoga content. Which would give brands the possibility of impacting them later from their. Own data and even by mail (if they have been captured and centralized in a platform ).

As can be analyzed, this possibility would give brands. A possibility that today is not clear in the short, medium or long term. Use google adwords or another advertising tool normally, advertising campaigns are carried out through google adwords. Although you can also use the tool you want. First of all, you need to access Lebanon phone number your account and get your retargeting tag . This tag consists of an html code that you must insert in all the pages of your website before it closes. Create your retargeting lists you can create one or several, depending on your goals. These lists group users who perform a certain action on your web page. For example: the visitors of the last month. You can also differentiate your audience based on where they are in the conversion funnel.

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For example: those people who came to put the product in the cart but did not complete the purchase. You may have to wait a few days, or even weeks. To get that list to a minimum number of users. Set up and activate the campaign then, create a new retargeting campaign and select the desired audience from the created lists. You can also configure other more general options, such as language, location, etc. Include variants for your ads when you don’t have enough experience yet it can be useful to test creativity using a/b tests. In this way, you will see what works best and learn how to optimize your campaign.

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In addition to the steps indicated, it is important to take into account some keys to. Make the most of the opportunities that retargeting brings . And it is that if you do not take some measures, the strategy can end up being intrusive and annoying for the user. That is, it can cause them to hate your brand. So that this does not happen, these are some keys that you must take into account (iebschool, 2021): limit how often the ad appears . It is important to limit it in order not to overwhelm the user. Otherwise, the only thing you will achieve is that he gets tired of you and ends up having a bad image.

Accompanied by Proper Planning.

Give the user the possibility to stop receiving a specific advertisement . If a person is not interested in our product, no matter how much we show it to them, we will not get them to buy it. Therefore, you should always give them the opportunity to opt out of receiving advertising. In short, retargeting is a digital advertising tool that can have great benefits for your company. However, it is important to define the strategy to follow well so that it is not counterproductive. As they say, “Less is more”, so take note and start putting it into practice.Much is speculated about what content marketing means .

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