On May 10 , we relayed to you the main Jordan Email Address made during the famous Google I / O conference . Of these ads, the arrival of augmented reality in search results was the sexiest piece of information. As usual, the country of Uncle Sam saw this innovation land directly after its announcement by the Mountain View firm while we in France were waiting. But let’s be happy, because since this weekend we have noticed that this functionality of simulating 3d objects in your space is now available in the French results pages. In short, augmented reality is a technology that allows you to place a virtual object modeled in 3d in your real space.

In the context of Google results, for certain information queries on mobile , the corresponding information is modeled as a 3d object and you can place it in your environment. Below we have typed “dog” into Google with our smartphone. A “Display in 3D” button is visible in the Knowledge Graph and allows you to place the dog modeled in 3d in your space. And presto… in an instant we have an adorable Labrador in our kitchen Augmented reality is one of the great challenges of the coming decade as regards the relationship we will have with the posting of information on the web . This will be valid for SEO but also certainly for paid

What is augmented reality in the SERPs

advertising since we remember that last June Google launched its new advertising format called Swirl, which allows you to interact with a 3d object. Among other consumer groups, Generation Z (people born after 1995) is the most affected by these purchases within social networks. They are much more involved in social networks; thus, most social media platforms have already invested in shoppable post strategies to attract this segment. For example, Google integrates Shoppable Ads on Google Images while Snapchat has Shoppable Snap Ads . Voice search is already an important part of customers’ routine for inquiries and even purchasing decisions. And this trend is expected to increase over the next four to five years.


According to Global Market Insights , the use of smart speakers will generate around $ 30 billion in sales by 2024 The world of digital marketing has gone through a lot of changes over the past five years: it’s not just a way to drive sales and drive traffic to your website anymore, it’s a way to truly connect with your customers. clients. As a new decade begins, it is important that companies stay tuned to the needs of their consumers and anticipate the trends most likely to reign in the digital world. Google continues to evolve the Google Shopping shopping experience for both merchants and buyers. While most of these updates are positive, brands should always carefully consider

A first step towards the future

each new advertising channel or platform before allocating a significant advertising budget for it. Any keyword strategy, regardless of your type of business, requires constant attention from the content marketing and website optimization side. For many businesses, that can mean one blog post per week. For industries more saturated with content, it may be necessary to blog twice a week or more. Always boost your post time with optimizations, such as adding internal links to your website, especially for new pages targeting new keywords. Put links in the right direction so that all of your blog posts point to important pages, like those with a conversion offer and a form.

That brings us to our next point: trying to rank for the keywords and making sure the landing page offers a clear way to get the user to convert. A keyword optimized page is not enough. Add content offerings, perform A / B testing on posts, and always have a very clear call-to-action to make sure you get the user where you want them to go. Then again, by refining your SEO or landing page over time, you can see the conversion rate gradually increase. Tip: Pages built for SEO purposes and landing pages aren’t much different. Both try to convert people into new leads by collecting information using a form. However

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