Google added a new Author Aruba Email List to Structured Data Tags of the Articles type, reminiscent of Authorship, a concept abandoned by the American giant in 2014 Created in 2011, the Authorship tag made it possible to indicate in the HTML code of a page the author of the displayed content . Some information about the author could even show up in search engine results (SERP) such as their profile picture or name . With this tag, it was possible to assess the author’s level of expertise with Author Rank. The Authorship was a way to certify the quality of its content . The Internet user could know the author of the information he was reading and know more about him.

For companies, it was about presenting a reassuring and reliable brand image and maintaining a strong link with its target. The Authorship tag was however abandoned in 2014 by Google, surprising the SEO community, and completely removed in 2016. But the Authorship could return in 2021 in a new form: Article-type structured data tags. It is now possible to add the mention of the author of an article within the article type micro data: It is recommended to add a URL to link to a web page detailing the author’s profile, for example: a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, a blog or even an “about” site page. But when is the risk of spam emails? If Google sets up a system similar to the previous one, how will it be able to protect itself against spam.

What is the Authorship

The structured data markup copyright mention should allow companies and other advertisers to authenticate their contents and gain credibility. Internet users trust people more than brands. By bringing a “human” touch to their content, companies will be able to reach their audience more, by highlighting their experts. For the web giant, it is about encouraging advertisers to increase the quality of their content to satisfy Internet users. While Google is still the great leader in the market, alternative search engines are catching on, conquering a new wave of Internet users concerned about the use of their personal data and looking for more ethical web solutions.



For specialists, the risk of spam is minimal, as long as the search engine does not set up the photo system or another system to gain SEO visibility. This tag should not become a “ rich result ” and not have an incident on the SERP, otherwise advertisers risk spamming or creating fake accounts for the sole purpose of gaining visibility. Everything suggests that Google has learned lessons, and has now found an effective alternative to the Authorship tag. It must be said that the search engine is trying, more than ever, to thwart spam and fake accounts, as with its new Link Spam Update , which aims to fight against link spam.

Author microdata: a new version

For Google, it is therefore important to continue to innovate and to offer new solutions, satisfying advertisers and Internet users, to keep its number 1 position. The return of structured data tags of copyright is one of these solutions. . On average, a site should be able to load in less than 3 seconds. Beyond 5 seconds, the loading of the pages of your site is much too slow. To speed up the loading time, you can play on several factors: compress images, remove plugins, change web host, etc. In SEO, we call duplicate content two content or content blocks present on two distinct URLs that are identical or very similar. Whether it’s duplicate content internal to your website or between your website and another,

there is a good chance that it will negatively impact your SEO. To hunt for intra-site duplicate content, we recommend using a tool such as SEO Spider from Screamingfrog. As for cross-site duplicate content, you can use Duplichecker, Copyscape, Grammarly or simply search for portions of your texts in quotes in Google. Do not send SMS randomly, without making sure to personalize them according to your clientele. It can then be useful, as a first step, to segment your customers . The sending of SMS will then be done according to the characteristics of a panel of customers This will also have the effect of guaranteeing you a good return on investment , whatever your industry.

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