In its process of continuously improving the quality of its search engine, Google had been looking for years to develop a way to identify the writer of USA Email List by affixing him a sort of digital signature. It was only after the launch of Google + that this idea materialized in the form of what is known as Authorship : the fact that a writer is recognized by Google as the author of ‘an article, thanks to enriched extracts linking the content to a Google + account.

This decision by Google to recognize the authorship of the content produced is far from trivial, the objective being to create a brand new indicator allowing an article to be ranked according to its author, a little as if a major daily reserved its first page. to a reputable journalist rather than an unfamiliar and inexperienced intern.

Author Rank shakes up the world of content marketing and SEO

With the Authorship in place, a way had to be found for Google to distinguish writers who produced great content and reward them accordingly. This is where Author Rank comes in , an “index” added to Google’s algorithm that measures the quality of a writer. Basically, the higher your Author Rank, the more you are perceived by Google as a quality source, the more your content will be promoted and well positioned in the results pages .

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It is therefore easy to imagine that, for all people wishing to develop their digital influence, Author Rank becomes an important, if not essential, stake. Almost becomes a matter of life and death for all professionals in theContent marketing and SEO: build a respectable name associated with quality content in order to strengthen your Author Rank and gain the favor of Google.

The quality of the links generated

If you are engaged in a digital activity in a personal or professional capacity, you certainly know that linkbuilding is an important activity to strengthen your SEO. The quality and the volume of backlinks that you generate depend on the quality of your activities, it is only natural that these come into account in the calculation of the Author Rank. The decisive factors are:

The influence of authors who provide you with an inbound link;
The authority and weight of the people who comment on your content;The reciprocity of the links between you and an influential person. Social media activities Being active and influential on different social networks is very helpful in helping you build a reputation as an expert and influential author. In this regard, Google takes into account:

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