Factors such as scene restrictions and safety risks would restrict the development of door-to-door massage. Even some traditional offline massage and foot massage practitioners agreed with this view. It is exactly the sentence: the market needs education! A few days ago, Wuhan Mobile Phone Numbers Liu Kuang learned the exclusive news from inside Baidu: Baidu, an Internet giant with frequent actions in the O2O field, suddenly and quietly entered the door-to-door massage industry. This is an earthquake-like event for the entire door-to-door massage industry. Baidu has reached a strategic cooperation with Yisheng Daojia, a door-to-door massage platform. Baidu will provide Yisheng Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Daojia with exclusive support for various high-quality resources including search, homepage banner, Baidu search unique answer, Baidu PUSH and other high-quality resources. Previously, the door-to-door massage industry has already gone through the first round of qualifying competitions.

The Market Needs Education Wuhan Mobile Phone Number

Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurial teams failed to qualify for the next battle. Baidu’s involvement in door-to-door massage will definitely accelerate a new round of shuffling in the entire industry, and the knockout round will also Officially kicked off. First round: Wuhan Mobile Phone Number qualifying round During the vigorous development of door-to-door massage, nearly 100 O2O platforms have emerged, but not many of them have done well. Many platforms declared bankruptcy shortly after going online, and silently exited the game, and some of them were relatively small. Some big Wuhan Mobile Phone Number platform acquisitions. Why can’t there be so many door-to-door massages in the first round of shuffling? Liu Kuang believes that the main reasons are as follows. First of all, of course, it is related to the operation of the platform itself. Many platforms are small entrepreneurial teams from the Internet.

Some of Them Were Relatively Wuhan Mobile Phone Number

Wuhan Mobile Phone Number
Wuhan Mobile Phone Number

They don’t know much about door-to-door massage, and they rushed into battle just to catch this trend. The more important thing about door-to-door massage is the level of technicians who provide Wuhan Mobile Phone Number door-to-door service. Among these entrepreneurial teams of door-to-door massage, there are also quite a few practitioners from the traditional foot massage industry, but such entrepreneurs do not understand the operation of the Internet, so that the platform has not received any orders, but Empty has a platform and no customer source. The lack of Internet operation thinking Wuhan Mobile Phone Number is also a major shortcoming for entrepreneurs in such traditional industries. Secondly, the entry threshold for the door-to-door massage industry is very low. A large number of entrepreneurs pour into this industry. But all the service models are exactly the same, which leads to a very serious problem: homogeneous competition is poor.

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