According to incomplete statistics, there were 30 investment and financing cases expose in the O2O field at the end of July, 21 of which receive more than 10 million investment. And only 12 receive investment Romania phone number of more than 100 million. Among them, Baidu Waimai receive nearly 300 million US dollars and became the biggest winner in the catering O2O industry. At the same time, Ajisen will invest 60 million US dollars through its wholly-owne subsidiary Ajisen Investments. Why did Baidu, as a “newcomer” in food delivery that only starte in 2014, rise rapidly in just one year? Jin Yu, Romania phone number vice president of strategy at Baidu. Once explain that due to the high-frequency nature of food delivery. Although, This field has become a must for BAT and even startups in the O2O field. Facing the homogeneous O2O business of take-out.

The High-frequency Nature Romania phone number

After a long battle, the O2O pattern of takeaway has not yet been determine According to iResearch’s report, the scale of China’s food delivery market has exceed 160 billion yuan in 2014. It is expect Romania phone number that by 2017, the overall size of the food delivery market will exceed 300 billion yuan. Such a “fat and beautiful” market will inevitably compete. Especially from 2014 to 2015, it can be describe as the expansion period of the food delivery market in China’s catering O2O industry. The food delivery Romania phone number O2O industry, including and Meituan, launch a fierce subsidy war, focusing more on the campus crowd. After Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and other giants steppe in one after another, the competition among the takeaway O2O industries became fierce.

The Main Battlefield of Catering Romania phone number

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Who is the boss is always a mystery – “2015 China’s Food Delivery O2O Industry Development Report shows. That market share exceeds 50%. And the “China Mobile Internet E-commerce Application Romania phone number Development Report from January to May 2015” shows. That Meituan’s takeaway market share also exceeds 50%. In the segment market, according to Analysys data, Baidu Waimai occupies the largest market share in the white-collar market. Although BAT has been in the takeaway market Romania phone number for a long time. The O2O industry is still undecide. Which is directly relate to the traditional O2O competition method of “burning money” and smashing the market.

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