Hope we have Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List the scenarios where using the disallow tool is the best solution and highlighted the use cases where it is not.Links can be tricky. We have to trust Google when it says it can tell a good link from a bad one. If not, SEOs would be forced to disavow any link that is not 100% legitimate disallowance tool should only be considered as a last resort, when there is a clear signal that you must use it, or you have exhausted all other options.My name is I have been working in the field of SEO since 2010, the year during which I forged my knowledge through entrepreneurial experiences. In 2014, I joined La .

I then joined the digital marketing agency Labelium in Montreal, Canada, where I held the position of SEO director for 2 years. It was following this experience that I co-founded Agence 90 where I am SEO director.Can bolding important elements of your text have a positive impact on your SEO? Either way, it makes it easier for Google to understand your content.In an SEO Offices Hours video, John Mueller confirmed that bolding information deemed important in your content will have a positive effect on your SEO.

Bold words and SEO: what impact?

In this video, here is precisely the question posed to John: “Does the fact of putting words in bold have an impact only stylistic?” Or can it impact SEO? Very clearly, John Mueller responded that it will help your content SEO .However, the way this is going to help your SEO is relative to the overall content of your page. Indeed, when you put elements in bold, it is to indicate that they are more important than those which are not.To answer this question, John Mueller referred directly to a 2013 video by Matt Cutts on the same topic. Watching Matt Cutts’ video, we realize that the former Googler does not explicitly claim that bold text is beneficial for SEO.


Indeed, the video of Matt Cutts focuses more on the use of the <b> and <strong> tags and whether there are differences between them (FYI, there is no difference).Suddenly, to return purely to SEO, the video in which John Mueller intervenes validates the fact that bold text brings added value to your web page.Google crawlers will search for text that is either bold or italicized in order to understand what is important on the page.John Mueller adds that Google can usually understand what’s important without these specific formatting, but the bold text makes it easier to understand. The message stands out better!

Does that mean John Mueller’s claim represents a scoop ?

Here is the transcript of what he says in the video: “Usually we try to understand what the content of your web page is about and we identify the elements that highlight what is important. This includes titles but also bold text. Therefore, items formatted with bold or italics will provide a clear signal of what to understand about your content. “John clarifies, however, that the added value provided by the bolding is relative to the rest of the content on the page. When you put items in bold, it is to indicate that they are more important than other parts of your text that are not in bold.

A few bold elements within your article may send stronger signals to Google, but bolding all of your text will not yield any SEO benefit .“The other thing to remember is that the impact of the bold elements will depend on the rest of the page. If you say to yourself that you are going to bold all your text, that amounts to not putting anything in bold because you will not bring out any important information compared to another ”.As you will have understood, bolding the important textual elements of your page is an element taken into account for your SEO. Be careful, however, to make a selection of the information you want to highlight on your page.

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