The burger already launched in pilot mode this month at two Hard Rock Cafe restaurants in South Florida — Miami and Hollywood; now. it will take with all an advertising boom to the gastronomic court. And it is that as a complement in the “Live Gretaness” campaign of Hard Rock International. the exclusive dish is launched in association with Lionel Messi. “It’s an honor to take our partnership with world-renowned footballer Leo Messi’s ‘Live Greatness’ campaign to the next level .” Hard Rock International CEO Jon Lucas said in a statement.

The Hard Rock Cafe was born in London in 1971 and now has stores in much of the globe and among the cities that stand out are New York. Sydney. Paris. Buenos Aires and. yes. Mexico City. so you will most likely be Luxembourg Phone Number able to try the “Messi”. Hard Rock Cafe and Messi The traditional London café became an emblematic place. in 68 cities around the world. where it has established itself for its mix of elegance. rock and food. That is why. since last year. the brand launched ‘Live Greatness’. a campaign in which none other than Lionel Messi became its ambassador.

The Country Has Economic Stability

And just like that the Hard Rock Cafe  added to it. first footballer in 50 years to collaborate with the brand. which makes the union of these two worlds. urban gastronomy and sports. even more interesting. With 10 months remaining for the start of the competition. FIFA enabled this Wednesday. January 19. the reservation of tickets for the Qatar 2022 World Cup . The dispute of the most anticipated of the world soccer championships will take place between November 21 and December 18 of this year. In this first stage. which ends on February 8. FIFA opened the so-called “ticket application submission phase”.

Luxembourg Phone Number

where you can choose the purchase options and access lower prices in the case of local Qatari residents and immigrants who They work in that country. Those who have registered and their application has been accepted. from any country in the world. will receive a communication (yes or no) before March 8. There they will be informed of the instructions to continue with the process to buy the tickets already assigned. This is the link to request tickets . Sale of tickets for the Qatar 2022 World Cup began. where to buy them and how much they cost. The application to buy tickets to the World Cup in Qatar is now available.

It Is A Paradise To Play Soccer

bigstock How much do tickets cost for the Qatar World Cup 2022 matches? For ordinary fans from any country. the price starts at $69 for individual matches. Although the value goes up to 1.600 dollars for a ticket for the final on December 18. In accordance with FIFA’s policy. the same as that implemented at Russia 2018. Brazil 2014 and South Africa 2010. low-priced tickets were reserved for residents of the host country and migrant workers. In that case. they are sold from 12 dollars. It will also be possible to reserve tickets to follow a certain team. Tickets for four different stadiums on consecutive days and tickets for VIP sectors.

All the details . You can pay with international credit cards. but as long as FIFA has enabled the purchase after March 8. The draw for the groups for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be on April 1. A few days before. FIFA will enable a new sale window. After the draw. the following marketing phases will open with special formats such. As “supporter tickets” (for those who want to sit together with the other fans of their selection). And “conditional supporters” (for those who reserve a ticket for. One of the possible meetings of his team in the subsequent knockout rounds). As all the stadiums are very close to each other. the Qatar 2022.

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