MLB more than 9.5 billion; the Premier League another 5.3 billion; or LaLiga about 2.2 billion. according to a report by Much is due to the engagement that each of the leagues has. only in football. the Bundesliga is the one with the highest average attendance per game. with 41.52 thousand spectators. followed by the Premier League with 38.3 thousand fans and by LaLiga with 26.9 thousand people in the stands. according to data from In this context. and considering that there are leagues that have suffered with television ratings.

Despite the fact that the love and passion for sports does not decline. the conclusion of the Two Circles report refers to the fact that the key is in digital platforms. This is because “fans now consume across a range Honduras Phone Number of digital platforms.” We are talking about an important deck of points and channels to reach the consumer. while there is the opportunity to collect a quantity of valuable data that will allow the generation of closer and even personalized experiences. In the end. they are valuable assets that brands should take advantage of. For some years now.

Goodell Said In A Statement

the main sports leagues in the world have sought to connect with new audiences. highlighting alliances with streaming platforms. One of them is the MLB or Major Leagues – as it is commonly called – and its alliance with YouTube. This trend has been mainly motivated by the change in content consumption habits by audiences. particularly the younger generations. Expanding the reach Given this context. and knowing that Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the most organized and profitable sports organizations in the world . the announcement released this Tuesday is not surprising.

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This trend seems to be replicated in other social networks. for example. the Portuguese is one of the ten most followed figures on these platforms. and Lionel Messi appears in the top 10 on Instagram. With the presence of figures with a deep engagement with their followers such as Neymar or LeBron James. it could be assumed that more sports figures will soon appear at these levels. The notion is important. especially considering the potential that exists in the world’s major sports leagues. Thus. for example. the NFL represents a market that produces profits of over 13 billion dollars; the Looking for a bigger fan base.

That The League Has Already

In this way. the one that both organizations already had since last season is. Reaffirmed -although the league has tested on digital platforms since 2002-. It also reinforces its commercial relationship. Remember that YouTube TV became an official sponsor. According to a report by Bloomberg. The league and YouTube reached a new agreement. This time for the broadcast of a package of games through the official. MLB channel on the platform. MLB generated 1.25 billion views on its channel in 2018. up 25 percent from the previous year. according to data from AdAge.

Worldwide and exclusively in markets such as the United States. Canada and Puerto Rico. although the list of matches or teams that will make up the package was not disclosed. However. Variety notes that there will be exceptions such as Australia. Austria. Germany. Japan. New Zealand and Switzerland . where existing rights agreements with broadcasters prevent streaming. The strategy includes marketing and content actions. Such as pre-game and post-game shows. will include. The creators of the most popular Youtubers on the Google platform.

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