Historically, we had designed Biloba as an Thailand Email List for monitoring the immunization status of children. With my partner at the time, we created Biloba because we were young parents a little confused about the subject of children’s vaccines and we found the existing tools unsuitable. We started the adventure by carrying out a questionnaire at the end of 2015 for friends and relatives asking them: what do you understand the least in the health record? The answer was clear: the vaccination record! We have therefore developed an application to make it simple and intelligible, with the aim of ensuring a better state of vaccination for children. The app has been online since 2018 and more than 50,000 parents use it.

Biloba is a pediatric TV application that offers a real medical consultation by instant messaging. Biloba is not intended to replace the “physical” consultation with a pediatrician, it is a new service for a new use that does not disrupt the course of care. With Biloba we offer parents the insurance and a real doctor in a few minutes. Biloba is three years old but the application as it exists is just one year old, we launched it on April 2 during the first confinement. We had provided a “customer support” chat bubble in the app which was quickly hijacked by parents to ask questions on subjects that the app could not answer. We understood that there was a real need for a trusted expert

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to answer these questions which went beyond the scope of vaccination and were more interested in children’s health! It was not just a question of adding a new functionality to the application, but there was a real use to be developed. Based on this new observation, we decided to develop an application with a new model. We offer the possibility of being connected to a healthcare professional by instant messaging (chat). The asynchronous aspect of instant messaging has become commonplace, it is a real expectation. The discussion channel between patient and doctor is unique, always open and available. Depending on the management of the schedules, a different practitioner can answer;


Regarding content, we deal with everything that can be achieved by videoconference (no less!) By sending videos and photos asynchronously. Anyway, everything that cannot be done face-to-face cannot be done digitally, regardless of the consultation mode: video or messaging. Contact is just as easy as on video, sometimes even easier: we allow ourselves to ask “stupid” questions by message that we would not have dared to ask live! The main advantage is that with the chat and the conversation history, you can “re-read” the consultation; which is often very practical when, taken by the stress of the situation, we do not retain everything from the consultation and advice of the practitioner.

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he has access to the entire chat discussion history, which provides a real tool for monitoring the patient. Finally, the consultation ends with a diagnosis and the issuance of a prescription (when necessary) that we endeavor to make understandable, with detailed explanations on the use of each prescribed medication. It may seem counterintuitive, but instant messaging is not just “bobology” and reassurance for parents: our practitioners deal with real health issues such as dermatological, breastfeeding, ophthalmology, etc. orl, gastro… etc. In the slightest doubt, parents are redirected to the attending physician or emergency room. In short, we do not replace the face-to-face meeting but everything that can be done remotely is possible with Biloba.

How is the community of doctors in Biloba formed? Our community of health professionals is made up of doctors, general practitioners, pediatricians, nurses. We try to build a multidisciplinary medical team to facilitate and encourage multi-expert collaboration. We provide them with spaces to discuss best practices and enrich their knowledge according to their chosen field. Regarding the profiles, they are currently women, mothers and having a main liberal activity; Biloba is a secondary activity. Our remuneration model operates on the basis of a liberal statute with a maximum time dedicated to the Biloba platform (remuneration for time spent). The activity is quite random, with sometimes peaks in the evenings and weekends.

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