At Markentive, we regularly offer press relations support to our clients as part of communication projects . With the digitization of information, we are UAE Phone Number List that bloggers are integrating themselves more and more into these dissemination strategies, and that some of them are even becoming very influential. More than newspapers?

Without generalizing press relations, it seems that this practice is on the decline, at least in its ancestral version. It was then enough for companies to write a quality press release , to distribute it to specialized journalists to ensure the notoriety sought among their targets. The work of journalists for brands and companies has since lost much of its added value, a simple repetition of a press release, enriched with a few additional questions cleverly integrated then being sufficient. In the current context, is being picked up by the press and seeing its activities described in the newspapers sufficient?for companies in search of notoriety?

The democratization of information

With the internet, all users are able to participate in the creation of information, they share, write, comment and disseminate messages with a lot of social media . We then witnessed the rise of powerful blogs, collaborative forums, which are compiled interesting ideas and points of view of experts, or almost. Unpaid, in search of visibility and anxious to improve their personal branding , these contributors can then represent a form of parallel competition to journalists.


The advent of “super bloggers”
For some executives in the business world, the blog does not enjoy an excellent reputation, it lacks seriousness and is not necessarily a professional tool. In fact, we cannot ignore the notoriety of certain platforms, which gather several hundred thousand visitors every month, for some, they even surpass the written press! Bloggers then become powerful, and their audience is changing, it is very expensive. A bad appreciation of your product or your brand from one of these “super bloggers” could significantly impact business success.of your company. In the event of a bad buzz, you have to react very quickly so as not to destroy your reputation ( Discover the 6 stages of bad buzz survival ). Backed by these powerful blogs, we observe large communities on social networks, thousands of fans or followers ready to tweet, like or share the status of these influencers, a golden opportunity to publicize your brand or your products!

Press relations 2.0

In this context, press relations must be reinvented… It is unthinkable today to disseminate information without worrying about whether our message will reach the ears of influential bloggers. For themes such as fashion, cooking or sport, blogs will probably even be much more powerful than the specialized press. The traditional press release distributed to specialist journalists will then be systematically supplemented by targeted contacts with influential bloggers spotted on Twitter, known on Google+ or discovered on Pinterest.

For prophanes, getting in touch with these specialized bloggers is sometimes difficult,you have to identify them, contact them and win their favors, an approach based on relationships. (Find out how to build relationships with bloggers ). Like journalists after all! Why would they disseminate company specific information in the form of a guest post? A German company, Rankseller, sensed this vein and set out to provide an interesting platform for exchange.where you can offer your blog for the dissemination of guest articles or directly find bloggers in your theme in order to transmit them interesting content. If this solution does not do all the work (you will still have to write factual and interesting content), it will give you some entry points to discover the world of bloggers and succeed in your press relations 2.0. To try !

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