To increase people’s reading habit and improve sales, bookstores must develop creative campaigns according to market trends and consumer needs. Learn about the examples of advertising for bookstores on social networks that can serve as inspiration. Reading is one of the hobbies that does not lose its validity over time. And it is that, despite the appearance of new technologies, many people are still assiduous readers. Moreover , according to a report by Buscalibre , Peru is the fifth country in Latin America with the largest reading public and the third whose population spends the most on books.

However, these figures are not very encouraging if we compare it with other nations. What is this about? One of the reasons is the lack of a Digital Dominican republic whatsapp number list strategy by bookstores. Therefore, we show you the most creative advertising cases for bookstores that businesses can replicate and increase their sales: SteimatzkyBooks This Israeli bookstore developed a very creative campaign titled The right book will always keep you .

Steimatzky Books

This consisted of a series of images where popular literary characters accompany readers while they sleep. Among the figures that can be seen are Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Pippi Longstocking and the Wizard Gandalf. Library Culture Taking advantage of the success of Netflix series, this Brazilian bookstore recommends books based on people’s audiovisual preferences. The campaign “If you have seen you will like it” names a popular series on the platform and shows a list of books based on it. For example, for fans of Stranger Things, he suggested the titles of Keith Donohue ‘s The Boy Who Drew Monsters , Stephen King’s The Talisman , and MR Carey’s Melanie: A Zombie Novel.


Pulp Books Another creative advertising campaign for bookstores is the one developed by Pulp Books. This was called “ Read yourself interesting” (You are what you read), and was focused on improving the reading habits of the population. The main image showed a series of people in an office. Each one had, instead of the head, a shelf with books. However, it could be seen that the boss had many more books than his employees, demonstrating the power of reading to achieve professional success.

Pulp Books

Penguin In 2014, this bookstore in the Dominican Republic developed. A very clever campaign to encourage the purchase of its audiobooks. The publisher used the famous portraits of Franz Kafka and Edgar Allan Poe, but made a slight modification. Unlike the originals, the authors had their eyes closed to symbolize that they were listening to the pieces. The result was excellent, as their serene expression denoted that they enjoyed the sound of the audiobooks. Editorial D’Buk We ended with a campaign from the Guatemalan publisher D’Buk.

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