A lot of people are Benin Email List doing this at some level. But few really explore the power of segmentation to its full potential. The experts from our Google Ads agency will review some classic segmentation techniques and others less known that you can test on your Google Ads or Social Ads campaigns . By understanding the reasons for this effectiveness, you will make better use of the techniques we are going to discuss. Imagine a real estate agent who tries to sell a particular house with the exact same sales pitch to all the prospects he receives: young couples, families with children, investors, widows… It doesn’t make much sense, does isn’t it?

If you’re addressing a family with kids, you’ll want to emphasize things like proximity to schools or the children’s play space. When dealing with an investor, you may be more successful in pointing out the economic growth in the area and the number of different people who would be interested in living in that house in the future. You shouldn’t be redirecting all of your users to one page, with the same sales pitch for everyone. Create segmented pages that will focus on the storyline for each of your audiences. If you send your different audiences to different landing pages, you can set different pixels / remarketing rules on each of those pages. It will also allow you to segment your remarketing campaigns.

How can segmentation benefit you

Thus, you will be able to present more relevant and more specific advertisements to each of your audiences You will notice that once you start to be more relevant to your visitors on your landing pages, for many different reasons your Quality Score will increase. This means that you will pay less to get as many or more visitors and also increase your visibility. To start talking about segmentation techniques, let’s start with a basic but very important technique: Is your user on a mobile or a computer? User behavior can be completely different on these devices depending on your activity. Even your conversions can vary greatly depending on the device.


Take the example of Airbnb. On a computer, the user’s main goal is to find a place to stay on their next trip. In this case, the Google Ads Airbnb ads should invite users to book a stay. On mobile, things could be a little different. Some Airbnb services are more important to people on the go with their mobile phones. For example, it’s probably more likely that a user on vacation wants to have an Airbnb experience. this evening near his place of stay. And of course, installing the app is an important conversion for mobile but doesn’t make sense for desktop. This alone could justify an entirely different traffic acquisition strategy on desktop and mobile.

You can better reach your audience at their different

When creating landing pages that focus on mobile traffic, you should also think about the length of the page. Should your page be shorter than its desktop version? Short pages aren’t always more effective on mobile. But one thing is for sure: In many industries, mobile users tend to be in a more rush than desktop users. Take the example of car rental. Your mobile user may be at an airport and trying to hire a car for an immediate departure. For this type of user, you have to get straight to the point. Process the information quickly, then make the conversion as easy as possible.

The good news is, when you have a good landing page segmentation strategy, it’s easier to achieve this minimalism. After all, it’s easier to write less. With a page for each audience, you can add only what is really relevant to that audience on the page. For most businesses, the location from which a user visits their site is an important factor. Sometimes users in different countries or cities need to be treated differently. They can dynamically offer products with free shipping for the user’s country or region. Or better yet, they can identify different buying trends for users. Perhaps what interests the people of Brussels at the moment is very different from what is happening in Paris.

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