Who hasn’t looked at a restaurant’s website to see menu prices or opening hours? Who has not consulted on Facebook the hours of a store, the opinions of users about a product or service, etc. No one can deny the importance of having an adequate online presence , based in any case, on a web page that meets the needs of our consumers and professional profiles on social networks , no one? No, your boss still tells you that this is for young people and individuals, that companies are not looking at Facebook or consulting the Internet. Why not?

Behind each professional profile on Facebook , there is at least one person, who has their personal profiles on social networks , and who needs products and services and consults them on Facebook and Google. A multitude of studies, analyses, statistics Belgium whatsapp number list been carried out… and the vast majority of people, regardless of their age (man, your 90-year-old grandparents may not), are on social networks and consult Google every time they need information, and if they don’t consult it, their relatives consult it to recommend products and services. Because with Google there are still certain people who “get involved” and don’t want to use it, but social networks.

A Multitude Of Studies

They are full of people of all ages who are not afraid to use this tool to consult, get information, give their opinion, etc. It is easier to use Google and put a query than to manage Facebook, however, there we have them, sharing photos of the grandchildren, looking at the ads, finding out about current affairs, giving their opinion on everything that interests them, etc. It is simply because the interaction that is achieved on social networks and yet on Google attracts their attention, if they do not find what they are looking for at first, they give up and ask their children or other close people to look at it for themselves, and well , in any case.


someone is consulting some services that can be contracted, so that of not selling to which public through the Internet. Creating a community in social networks, If you have parents or grandparents of a certain age, surely you have had to look at the schedules for an event. Buy some tickets, look at which store has X item, etc., etc. If you are being like that in your company. Business opportunities are being lost because you don’t even have profiles on social networks, we understand you! Some of our clients also did not understand the importance of having an online presence. I think we have already dismantled the myth that social networks are only for young people , right?

If You Have Parents

Well, now you can tell your boss about it, let him see that he uses the Internet. Social networks to find out about products or services that he wants to buy or contract. That if he doesn’t do it, on more than one occasion someone will have done it. for him. Convincing of the importance of social networks and online presence Social networks are a new form of communication. They are here to stay, they will change, they will evolve, new ones will emerge. The current ones will become extinct. But we are no longer going to have a world without social interaction through digital media.

Another myth is that social networks are only for sharing humorous content, nonsense, come on. Some other opinion content with which to discuss a while with the brother-in-law and little else. A common mistake is those who launch to have professional profiles. But are not professionals in having this type of profile. We can all send each other nonsense on Whatsapp but none of us would think of launching an. Ad on TV with that type of content, because here it is exactly the same logic. Because personal is not the same as professional. Social networks do allow us to publish relaxed content, but if we use them professionally. This relaxed content must be linked to our marketing strategy, because posting kittens day in and day out. Because it’s not going to make them buy from you, not to be, that you sell kittens, of course.

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