Focusing your marketing strategy on the trends of the current year allows you to anticipate the needs of your market . Taking into account the Austria Phone Numbers List in 2015 will be useful for acquiring new contacts and boosting your sales at the end of the year. More than ever, Content Marketing and mobility will be at the heart of the digital strategy and will become powerful allies for the growth of your business.

Define a BtoB Content Marketing strategy
The content will still be the king of your digital marketing strategy! The Content Marketing is a serious appreciation for your business, but also a very effective way to increase your audience and generate leads. The infographic produced by Uberflip is rather edifying in this regard: 35% of BtoB companies have a content strategy , but in 48% of cases, the latter mainly supports verbal argument. Companies with a BtoB Content Marketing strategy assess their effectiveness in 60% of cases (against 32% otherwise).

Carefully segment your leads

The marketing trend of 2015 is also focused on the segmentation of BtoB customers . You need to develop specific criteria to establish homogeneous customer groups. Carry out your segmentation according to the services offered by the companies, the nature of their activities, their sizes, etc. Based on targeted parameters, it will be easy to offer tailor-made solutions to your contacts, to transform them into customers. Segmentation is a key step in being able to offer successful marketing automation to your targets!


Segmentation should also make it possible to detect “hot” prospects in order to quickly convert them into customers. Different strategies can be used to find motivated prospects, for example: Adapt your strategy for mobiles More than ever, mobile is at the heart of digital marketing in 2015 . The frequency of mobile use in a professional environment is an aspect to be taken into account. Regularly on the move, professionals often consult their emails, their favorite sites or social networks in transport or between two meetings …

Organize webinars

Consequently, the mobile remains an essential tool for the promotion of your offers to a BtoB clientele. Also remember to adapt your different content for these screens, to place easily clickable call-to-actions from a smartphone, to create impactful micro-content and to optimize your newsletters for comfortable reading on mobile. In addition, depending on the services or products you offer, it may be relevant to think about the development of a mobile application .

If you have a clientele made up of businesses, there are often several interlocutors to convince in order to sell your services. The webinar therefore makes it easy to bring together a whole team or a whole department , to present your services, as well as their usefulness for solving problems. Webinars are also a way to offer training to use the services or products sold, which allows you to promote your offers to companies that want to be operational quickly.

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