Launched in 2010, Instagram is a tool for instantly sharing photos and videos with your community . This smartphone application has been very successful in a very short time, since it has more than 300 million users worldwide , including 1.2 million in France. Retouching Philippines Phone Number List with professional filters is one of the main advantages of this application, at a time when the visual plays an important role of persuasion. To this end, brands and companies can take advantage of this social network to optimize their visibility, control their e-reputation and increase their sales.

You have too many dead or unreachable URLs
You may edit some pages, delete others and sometimes this creates errors on your website. In the Google Webmaster Tool dashboard, you will see a “Sitemap” section. Clicking on it will give you the links that return an error. You can either redirect them or remove them from the site.

Promote products and services

A brand needs to promote its products and services in an original way to capture the attention of its target audience. In this case, Instagram is perfect for conveying the image that the brand wants to convey and highlight its various services through relevant visuals . If you are in an industry where image plays a major role in the purchasing decision, Instagram will help you showcase your visual strength, to encourage Internet users to browse your site or come to you.


For example, this starred restaurant regularly shares its dishes on its Instagram account. It makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Getting out of a Google penalty can take several months. When you have cleaned up your site and applied good SEO practices, you have to wait a few weeks for the search engine to trust you again and place you correctly in the results. The best thing to do is to anticipate this problem so as not to be sanctioned, prevention is better than cure! Unique and quality content, designed first for Internet users, before being written for search engines, will be your best asset for pleasing Google and attracting prospects. It is also with a thoughtful and unique Content Marketing strategythat you will be able to act positively on your SEO and stay in good standing over the long term. If you need help getting out of a Google penalty and implementing efficient content marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact us . We will study your needs and provide you with a tailor-made offer.

Share behind the scenes of the company

We have mentioned it several times on the blog, Internet users are looking for authenticity and proximity . Instagram breaks down barriers between business and consumer by allowing people to share behind the scenes. This immediately implies a notion of complicity between the company and its subscribers. They feel fully integrated and have the impression of really sharing the daily life of their favorite brand. Which strengthens loyalty and helps consumers become ambassadors .

The Bourjeois brand, for example, shows its subscribers the preparation of the competition prizes. You will have to look at all the lines of this table and select the sites which seem questionable to you . All links from directories or sites unrelated to your business should be selected.

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