the Twitter account of the National Police since the profile was opened in 2009 and in these 6 years he has achieved something that we would never have imagined, and that is that a profile like that of the police on Twitter was well-known both by his successes as well as his failures, tweeting in a plain and close language, giving an image that is not very frequent that most people have of a security force such as the Spanish police . Former Community Manager @policia The vast majority of @policia’s followers are young people under the age of 24 and Spanish (the latter was to be expected) and, of course , the police’s Social Media area has known how to adapt to its followers through the use of hastags, mentions of current movies and a lot of humor.

One fact to note is that the @policia account has more followers than the FBI itself, which, in fact, does not reach 2,000 followers. You may like it or not, but certainly the fame of the former Community Manager of @policia will attract many fans to @iberdrola, at @Rananegra1 , we have already begun to follow them out of curiosity to know how the famous Community Manager will act in this new sector. Carlos, as a professional of Social Bahamas whatsapp number list (he has not only been in charge of Twitter , he has coordinated the Social Media team of the police), knows that now in this new stage he must reinforce the image of the brand at an international level in the media Iberdrola’s digital It is to be hoped that we will soon have news about a viral tweet from Carlos and his team at Iberdrola.

The Vast Majority

Therefore, we detail the benefits that social listening can bring you for: Incident detection Analysis of social profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter The analysis of your competition Detection of trends and business opportunities mobility and transport: digital marketing actions And as in all our sector guides, you will find a final section with recommendations and good practices for the operation and dissemination of your digital marketing actions.


photo contest with votes Photo contest with votes from Playas de Asturias Thanks to the votes of the users you will be able to discover their preferences. This will allow you to create rankings of star products, destinations or services. And what is more important, depending on the type of photo contest you run, you will be able to collect very useful information about. The tastes and preferences of users , with a view to carrying out future promotions and marketing actions. Giveaways on social networks If we talk about social networks and image. It is inevitable not to think about one of the favorite platforms of brands. To show their products and services, Instagram .

One Fact To Note

In this social network the image (and the video) takes center stage. That’s why it’s perfect for launching another kind of photo action: a hashtag photo giveaway . In addition to generating brand image, promoting products and services, or rewarding your customers. This type of direct sweepstakes on social networks will help you: increase your followers. Generate engagement Dynamize your community Impact on potential customers Giveaways on Instagram. The star dynamic that combines raffle and photography is the one in which the participants have to upload content. Generated by themselves to their Instagram profile, tagged with the hahstag of the raffle.

raffle on instagram: photo contest Freshly Cosmetics Instagram Giveaway. Increase the viral impressions of your giveaway by establishing that, in addition. The participants have to mention one or several friends . You will also be able to reach new users. And since another of the objectives of this type of action on social networks is to gain followers. Ask them to become followers of your account . Tips for your giveaway or photography contest: These types of actions are perfect for generating branding . Make them periodic . Thus, your customers will share content about you on an ongoing basis. Include a hashtag that identifies your brand and the action you are going to take.

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