Champions League has led to a takeoff of actions of the Italian team on the Stock Exchange. From the Spanish media. Cinco Días . it has been announced that the victory by three goals to nil restored the spirit of the fans but especially of the investors. since in the early hours of the day on Wednesday. the papers showed a rise in the 20.52 percent in the Milan stock exchange. In this way. the comeback. which incidentally consecrated Cristiano Ronaldo as a soccer giant and left behind a team that seems to be denied in the Champions League (Atlético).

has also given way to Stock Market behavior being a reflection of what happens on the pitch. According to figures from the ‘Vecchia Signora’ itself . the Venezuela Phone Number income so far from the club competition amounts to 68.92 million euros. product of the bonuses that the organization grants to matches won as well as to advancement in the phase within the tournament; this amount already exceeds what was reported in the last two competitions. Cinco Días detailed that Juventus shares reached 1.474 euros.

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the highest since the end of last January. with which it amply recovered from the sharp drop recorded after the defeat of the first leg at the Wanda Metropolitano . on that occasion their papers came to lose more than 13 percent. The market capitalization of the sports institution increased by 35 percent during the first days of last July. when Ronaldo’s arrival took place. Goals equal investment. Although it is thought that victories and titles give teams returns in the medium term as a result of commercial agreements with sponsors or television rights. the truth is that in the old continent.

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in certain teams that are listed on the Stock Exchange. the reaction has been result is immediate. An example of the above is Ajax in Amsterdam. who made a big splash by eliminating Real Madrid. Beyond increasing the branding of players and teams. the immediate reaction was in the stock market. where the value of their papers also catapulted. In this way. the premise that soccer is anything but a sport is fully met to the detriment of the fan but to the benefit of other sectors that have seen in this

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sport an opportunity to increase their products or services. This Tuesday afternoon. the conversation on social networks has turned around the figure of. Cristiano Ronaldo and his three goals in the second leg of the round of 16 of the. Champions League in which Juventus thrashed 3-0 against. Atlético de Madrid . after falling in the first leg by a score of 0-2. In such a way that the performance of the Portuguese striker not only repositioned Juventus’ reputation. Especially on the stock market. but also remains the most important asset of the most important club competition in Europe.

As part of the conversation. the participation of number seven stands. Out since the comments are positive in a large part of the publications. While the negative name of Real Madrid. the Portuguese striker’s former team. comes to light. Title candidate. Derived from the. Surprise elimination of some teams such as Real Madrid or PSG. The opinion of users as well as experts is that Ronaldo has before him the opportunity to win. His sixth orejona at the individual level. Which would equal Paco Gento . besides that he would. Win the contest with three different teams.

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