Think about what the mechanics and dynamics of the game are going to be and what elements are going to make it up. Through gamification, motivation, loyalty, effort and cooperation are worked on. Most importantly, For example, collecting achievements or rewards that arouse interest, ordering users in a ranking and/or level, seeing their level of progression in the gamification web application , fostering cooperation by creating groups that pursue the same goal, rewarding solidarity, unlocking challenges to advance on the gamification website , gradually increasing the degree of difficulty, etc.

Surely together we can come up with great ideas to gamify your training and learning processes ! Advantages of gamification for human Cameroon whatsapp number list Of course, when it comes to training the staff you are in charge of, this is a great tool as we have just discussed, but there are more advantages to gamification for your human resources . Most importantly, And it is that we do not carry out a gamification process simply to “entertain” the staff in our charge, we do it to improve results, for which it is essential that all members of an organization are motivated and involved.

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An example of this found at Siemens, where its employees have a game similar to FarmVille that was successful on Facebook. Most importantly, With the aim that all its employees know the connections between the different departments of the company and the manufacturing processes. Advantages of gamification for customers and users Hooking customers and users is another of the great objectives of any business. Most importantly, And if they identify your brand with positive aspects, you have a lot of ground gained! Gamification is a powerful ally to strengthen the relationship between your business and your customers. Which in turn translates into an increase in sales.


Winning prescribers of our brand is something, it goes far beyond making customers! If in addition to making your users buy, you make them repeat and speak well of you, you have succeeded! Encourage your users to interact with your brand through gamification. Moreover, Motivate and encourage them to participate, create new experiences and new sales channels. Most importantly, How to create a gamification web application ? In order for it to meet your specific objectives and to. Moreover, Your clients and brand image, the gamification web application must to measure.

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If you rely on a template, you will have a series of closed options. Most importantly, You may not even be able. Moreover, To adapt your corporate image and it is about reinforcing it! In addition, in this way, you will not be renting a space for the gamification of your business. But you will have your own website with gamification , which can grow and in the future. That will be yours and yours alone.

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