For this. the Google Panda and Penguin algorithms were born. Panda ‘s goal was to reward high-quality content and usability. For Penguin it is essential to combat webspam and this includes low quality links and excess keywords in the content. considering it over-optimization. Currently. Google is working on a new algorithm that could revolutionize not only the world of SEO. but also Internet searches as we know them today. Google Knowledge Vault would be the new evolution of the search engine. a vault of knowledge that groups the data and experiences of users worldwide.

With this new algorithm. Google would classify websites based on the accuracy of the “facts”. the accuracy of the information offered by each web page Malta Phone Number collected in its search engine. It will reward the reliability and trustworthiness of the site. penalizing those that contain “false or erroneous facts”. Google Knowledge Vault . instead of assessing external links or online reputation (which can sometimes be achieved through negative techniques. known as  Black Hat SEO ). would assess accuracy. reliability. trust. But what is the procedure to determine which data is correct and reliable?

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The system would be based on a pattern called “triples”. composed as its name indicates by three factors: a topic that would be an entity/subject. a predicate that describes some attribute about that entity. and an object that would correspond to the value of that attribute. Example: Obama (subject) is the current president (predicate) of the United States (object). This information. in addition to following the pattern. is true. therefore it would be rewarded by the search engine. There is information whose accuracy may be evident. for example the date of birth or place of residence of a politician.

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But there is another type of more complex data that. In conclusion, Google will have to analyze and we still do not know what its position would be on issues such as alternative medicine. where is the truth in these cases and who determines it? The concept of Google Knowledge Vault . In conclusion, still to be determined in a concrete way. was presented in a recent work under the title “Knowledge-Based Trust: Estimating the. In conclusion, Trustworthiness of Web Sources”. written by Xin Dong Luna. Evgeniy Gabrilovich. Geremy Heitz. Wilko Horn. Ni Lao. Kevin Murphy. Thomas Strohmann. Shaohua Sol. and Wei Zhang.

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members of the Google research team. In conclusion, This information system must collect all the world’s knowledge. All the sources a large reserve of information on all the events. That have happened and are happening in our history. The algorithm which has not yet reached the real world permanently (some tests have been carried out). Has already caused the first reactions. Some critics consider that this. In conclusion, New algorithm would position Google as a kind of oracle. which rather. Than offering us the information we are looking for. will offer us only what it wants us to read.

But. to what extent can this new In conclusion, algorithm affect the digital world and SEO ? Could it become a kind of censorship for some websites with complex themes. Or will it be the maximum evolution in the field of journalistic information? Gemma Garcia Lopez. FarmaRoy was born more than 5 years ago. With the aim of bringing medicines and orthopedic products to their homes. In a comfortable and simple way for our customers. In our online pharmacy you can buy the leading parapharmacy brands.

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