Nowadays, China’s urban economy is developing rapidly, but at the same time it also brings many serious traffic problems. For a time, travel difficulty has become a common problem faced by citizens in large, medium and small cities. But the rise of urban transportation O2O has greatly Saudi Arabia Phone Number alleviated. The problem of travel difficulty to some extent. As a result, various software such as taxi-hailing, carpooling. And special-purpose cars began to fly in the sky. Playing the urban symphony together. Saudi Arabia Phone Number For the rapid rise of urban transportation O2O, Liu Kuang believes that there are the following major factors. From the consumer’s point of view. At present, China’s population is mainly concentrated in cities, especially first- and second-tier cities. The overall traffic market demand in these cities is very large. The post-80s and post-90s are becoming the mainstream social groups in various cities.

From the Consumer’s Point Saudi Arabia Phone Number

The younger generation has a high degree of acceptance of mobile Internet products, especially the money-burning subsidy battle of major travel O2O software, which has cultivated users’ Saudi Arabia Phone Number consumption habits to a certain extent. This has also created today’s various types of taxi-hailing, car-pooling, chauffeur-driven and other software that are generally popular in the market. From a Chinese driver’s point of view On the one hand, various software such as taxi-hailing, special car, and chauffeur-driven can bring them more customers and higher income, and they are naturally willing to use taxi-hailing software to grab orders, which greatly Saudi Arabia Phone Number enhances the users of such software. Activeness; on the other hand, the massive subsidies of these software are also a great temptation for drivers, and some drivers even encourage consumers to consume through car-hailing software, which in disguise drives the demand of the entire market.

They Are Naturally Willing Saudi Arabia Phone Number

Saudi Arabia Phone Number
Saudi Arabia Phone Number

From a technical point of view With the continuous improvement and maturity of map services, LBS technology, cloud computing, big data and other technologies. The application of these technologies in various travel O2O software is becoming more and more extensive. In particular, Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers the map-based LBS service has become the core technical support for the entire travel O2O. Baidu Maps, AutoNavi Maps, Tencent Maps, and Sogou Maps are all occupying this market high ground. And promoting the development of travel O2O. From a capital market perspective Travel Saudi Arabia Phone Number O2O is a field with very high consumption frequency. And the market space is huge. Both major investment institutions and the three giants BAT have invested huge amounts of money in travel O2O.

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