Mixed content is a secure web Kyrgyzstan Email List which is loaded through the HTTPS protocol and which at the same time contains scripts, styles, images or any other related content served by the unsecured HTTP protocol. The association of HTTPS and HTTP resources on a web page is therefore synonymous with mixed content. For web browsers, visitors, and websites, mixed content presents a security risk. Currently, Google allows and loads website pages with mixed content without any problem. From December 2019 and the introduction of Chrome 79, Google will change its processing through two actions: Google will automatically update the http content to https if this resource exists on https.

Google will introduce a Toggle that a Chrome user can use to unblock insecure resources that Chrome is blocking. Even if it is not a question of completely blocking the display of the site, this evolution will have an impact because the users’ browsing experience will be hampered. For site editors, this impact on the user experience could lead to a drop in traffic and sales for e-commerce . It is from January 2020 that Google will remove this unblocking option and completely block web pages that include mixed content. JitBit SSL Checker is a free online tool that lets you scan up to 400 pages on your site for any mixed content issues.

What is mixed content

Really Simple SSL is a very light WordPress extension that will allow you to easily migrate your site pages to SSL which will solve the mixed content problem by switching HTTP resources to HTTPS. If you have already migrated your site to HTTPS and still have mixed content, you can use SSL Insecure Content Fixer which will scan your site and detect unsecured resources. Screaming Frog is a popular crawler for SEO specialists. By subscribing to a license of around 165 euros per year, you can easily crawl and analyze the pages of your site and thus detect HTTP resources. Obviously this tool allows many other things to audit your site effectively or those of your competitors.


Note that Screaming Frog will allow you to detect mixed content but not to resolve it unlike the WordPress plugins above. PLEASE NOTE : in France, it is not authorized to pay for advertising campaigns on social networks between 6 months before the poll of an election and on polling day. In other words, for the municipal elections of March 2020, it was forbidden to make paid advertising on social networks between September 2019 and March 2020 as above. On the other hand, until September 2019 the advertising strategy on social networks detailed above was authorized to build an audience and your base of interlocutors on social networks.

How will Google Chrome handle mixed

As a reminder, Facebook and Instagram are among the most active social networks in France, which means that your communication will have more impact on these two platforms. You still have to share the right types of content. As we can see in the study carried out by Hoot Suite and We Are Social in 2019, the engagement rate of a post with video on Facebook is 6.48% while the average engagement rate of a post is 4.15%. We therefore recommend accompanying some of the messages published on social networks with a video. For Instagram this time, a French Instagram user opens his application up to 10 times a day ( Source: Instagram France for the year 2018 ).

This behavior is explained by the fact that public figures on Instagram have a habit of sharing their daily life at high frequency. A digital communication campaign will only be successful if it is effective and has aroused something within your electorate and potential voters. In this sense, it is essential to measure the results of each Social Media campaign and to refine your strategy continuously. Facebook and Instagram integrate analysis tools that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. Here is a sample of factors you can measure: Once again, all of these analyzes will allow you to optimize the targeting and Community Management of your Social Media communication campaigns in order to improve your overall digital strategy.

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