The Club du Grain seeks to Namibia WhatsApp Number List the various entrepreneurial projects as well as the entrepreneurship itself through interviews with entrepreneurs. This 4th and last webinar of the 2021 edition sought to accentuate this goal through a debate with investment experts in order to answer the question “How to go from start-up to scale-up?” “: is the Deputy Director of the Digital Transition Department at Banque des Their mission is to support the digital transition of territories and to invest in startups offering digital solutions that meet the Bank’s mission. The Banque des is involved in governance projects for territorial data, Smart City, tourism, culture & leisure, mobility, health and cybersecurity.

Mathieu is the managing partner of the Orange Ventures subsidiary of the Orange group. With assets of 350 million euros to invest in startups, Orange Ventures invests in Seed companies , particularly in Africa, and Series B, especially in Europe. Matthieu started private equity in the 2000s and after various adventures returned to ventures in 2020. In terms of personal investment interests, he is interested in cybersecurity and e-commerce. Guillaume chairs the Innovative Enterprises committee, a central subject for accountants. The objective of this committee is to publish a guide to measures in favor of innovation, in particular with regard to financing mechanisms such as research tax credits and young innovative companies.

Presentation of the speakers

It is also useful for entrepreneurs to take a step back to think about the non-technological assets that make innovation possible, in particular the human, organizational and relational. They also co-founded the laboratory on the AI ​​Lab50. How to define each level of the entrepreneurship ladder: Startup, Scale-up, Unicorn? Guillaume starts the debate by indicating that there is not necessarily a definition established for each step. For him, a startup is a young, growing company that wants to go very quickly and that often relies on new technologies and does not generate immediate income. This is the first phase of maturity.


To move from this phase to the more mature ones, you have to test the market and assess how to change the financing. Based on this reflection on financing, what are the criteria for distinguishing these levels of maturity? When do you decide to invest According to Mathieu , there are investors and investment funds for every level of maturity and every type of risk. Indeed, the investor is the one who decides the level and type of risk he wishes to take when investing. The maturity levels can therefore be differentiated according to the types of risk. So for Mathieu, a startup is a company that has all the risks in terms of: the team, not

Summary of discussions and debates

necessarily mature and lacking certain skills; the product, not necessarily finished; the market, perhaps not well defined or non-existent for the most innovative; and many others. Reaching the scale-up level means that many of these risks are overcome, including that of team skills and product. The objective is therefore to grow the business. The risk is more in the execution. Finally, the unicorn corresponds to companies with a turnover that doubles every year for 5 years, for example. The main risk is not to meet the expectations of investors. For Geraldine , with regard to the Banque des Territoires, they are more focused on the investment of companies in the transition from startup to scale-up, also known as series A.

At this point, the founders meet the shareholders, it is the first connection. This implies being ready to share the strategic directions of the company and to set up reporting systems. This relationship is therefore fundamental to the growth of the company. Succeed in the sales or go to market function. This means that the product is finalized and ready to be marketed more widely and find its place in the market. Geraldine advises young startups not to wait until they have a completely finalized product to bring it to market. The sooner it comes out, the faster it will evolve and be finalized.

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