It is no longer a secret that structured data contributes well to more efficient crawling of information. But its benefits in the SERP are much greater. So make sure you get the most out of your product markup with product level reviews, stock status and of course pricing. The webshop-wide organization of your data therefore makes a great contribution to increasing your CTR. In 2022 you can no longer do without.

Check carefully how that data comes through with the (renewed) test tool. Recently I had to point out to someone that that data does not come through at all due to a small error, then it obviously does not add anything to your search results.

block an afternoon to thoroughly read through the product guidelines .

Take advantage of image snippets

As an SEO expert, it is important to know where you want and can be found. The SERP can differ in the features shown per industry, subject and search query. Google recently started showing images next to search Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists results if relevant. Do you show the most suitable image there? Does your target group benefit from visual support? Then there is also a good chance that quite a lot of people search for their products via the image search.

It is important to understand which stock has a good image strategy. Therefore, check in Google Search Console how much traffic you are already attracting via images. With a customer I already see 20% image share from search, where the data involves thousands of clicks. 

Sales Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists

Keyword Planner, There Is No Search

You want snippets in that image too, right?offers you a good basis for placing images in the best possible way.

  • Organize your alt tags in a template, such as category-subcategory-brand-name, so you know it’s well organized.

… but also make sure that your images are optimized for the Core Web Vitals, in collaboration with your developers:

  • Provide a specific height and width in your source code for images.
  • Provide cropped images that are no larger than they need to be displayed.

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