Prove yourself correct, and when you fail, you will jump out and summarize a bunch of failure experiences to share with future generations. As the saying goes, “bystanders are clear”, Northeast Mobile Phone Number some people who come to me to communicate and express their ideas about community O2O, I will suggest to reconsider, think clearly, and then do it, because once entering the market, the role changes, and the perspective of looking at the problem will follow. change. The community O2O industry is Northeast Mobile Phone Number not as simple as it seems. The entire industry involves The scope of the project is very extensive, and it covers a lot of project directions. E-commerce is big, but community e-commerce is small. But fresh food e-commerce has never been able to open up the market are together .

The Community O2o Industry Northeast Mobile Phone Number

The first thing that Internet people think of when doing community O2O is to start with network information. Most of the initial community O2O projects were yellow pages-like network information Northeast Mobile Phone Number aggregation. The current situation is not very good, and the specific company will not be mentioned. Advertising, and secondly, does not attack others. In fact, from the perspective of information content quality, information-based community O2O projects are also very useful, but such applications are often ignored when they are actually used. First, under the advertising bombing Northeast Mobile Phone Number effect of 58 Ganji, they have become the biggest yellow pages of life; second, the application of the yellow pages itself is a low-frequency demand, and the awareness of the concept of yellow pages in China is insufficient. Both low frequency and lack of awareness, and strong substitutability.

The Company That Mainly Northeast Mobile Phone Number

Northeast Mobile Phone Number
Northeast Mobile Phone Number

Now that the Internet has penetrated so deeply into life. The yellow pages of information will become history. And eventually the fate will become a small section under the O2O of the community. Northeast Mobile Phone Numbers E-commerce. Community e-commerce is becoming more and more embarrassing The community e-commerce first attracted attention thanks to the project invested by Xue Manzi at that time, which led to the subsequent community e-commerce boom, but it seems that the current situation of the company Northeast Mobile Phone Number that mainly focuses on community commerce and super e-commerce is not very good. It is not a good thing to package yourself as a star company too early. There are too many onlookers who like to peel off their skins, so the negativity is indispensable.

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