Types of blogs and content formats there are different types of specialized blogs with a content structure. However, some have been evolving and now we can propose any content format from the same blog to generate the desired impact on the audience. What are the types of blogs that exist? Photoblogs: where the photo is the main publication component. The first photoblog was fotolog.Com now we can also say that pinterest and instagram are in this category. Audio blogs: songs, audio tracks, interviews, or specialized podcasts are published. Videoblogs or blogs: they are exclusive to publishing videos or fragments of movies.

An example of this is youtube. On social networks like instagram and snapchat, you can also post video fragments. The main feature of vlogs is that the content is generated by the users  Finland phone number themselves. Open blogs: initially they worked as an interface that did not require an administration platform (registration and login). However, this type of blog has evolved into platforms that allow users to access their content manager to make their contributions for free.

How This Evolution Can Affect

An example of this type of blog is the puromarketing -style forums. You just have to make the request to write, and if your profile and theme suit the website, you can do it for free. Tumblelogs: these are blogs with short content elements, such as quotes or links, for example. Tumblr.Com microblogs – twitter-style blogs that allow users to post short messages of up to 280 characters. Keep in mind that content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for companies, and many of the formats mentioned above will help you in the process of content distribution or amplification.

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Do not forget that the ideal is that the content always lives in your own digital assets. Use platforms like the ones mentioned to amplify and spread the published content. Currently, brands put more weight on content, in their marketing budgets, and for the following years, it is estimated that it will be 26% according to figures from the cmi (content marketing institute). Begin to understand how this process works and get to work. 4 reasons why you should have one of the types of blogs 1. Enhance your brand image people learn more about your company when they read rather than see advertising.

The World of Digital Marketing .

By sharing valuable content in different content formats, they will position you as a dominant and expert company, creating a positive image in the mind of your buyer persona. 2. Increased sales opportunities the valuable content shared on your blog serves as a platform to capture potential customers and then through marketing automation (which is done with content and the use of software), you and your team will be able to evaluate which of the people are closer to purchasing. 3.

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