An essential monitoring method, content curation allows you to bring together all the Lesotho Email Lists relevant to your activity in one place . Whether it is to keep you abreast of the latest innovations in your field, to know the opinions of your target audience, to spy on the competition or to find inspiration for your next articles, content curation is a valuable ally of your content marketing strategy. .

The principle of curation
Curation saw the light of day at the same time as RSS feeds and social bookmarking, where it was possible to benefit from a continuous flow of news, on a previously defined theme. It has become a means of making an effective watch to share with its community and to analyze for its own account . Content curation generally takes place in 3 stages: 1. Selection of information sources. This step comes to list all the sources where to find interesting information for your company : general media, blogs, forums, social networks …

The use of curation in your content marketing

Content curation brings many benefits to your business, especially when it comes to its Content Marketing strategy . Since the reviewed articles are sorted before they are shared, they indirectly help you promote your business . In addition, you allow Internet users to have information in real time, without them having to search for it themselves. It is a service rendered to your community, which by force will see you as a reference in your sector and will take its information directly from you.

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The more they visit your site or your social media pages, the more loyal they will become. Your consumers will therefore continue to use your services and your potential customers will move closer to conversion. Moreover, curation is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for your blog . As you sort through the information, you will surely come up with some great ideas! The advantage is that you will be able to draw inspiration from it, while adding your personal touch. You certainly have a different vision from your competitors, now is the time to bring it out, while showing your community that you are an expert in your field. By surfing a news article, you increase the engagement of your subscribers and retain your readers .

The tools to perform curation or the day before

To set up an effective watch and optimize its curation, here is a list of very useful tools: With Google , you can easily create an alert on a keyword or phrase . This alert is then transformed into an RSS feed to be integrated into its RSS feed aggregator (see below). You can also receive an email as soon as an article is published with your keyword. With this method, you will know in real time what is published in your field of activity. RSS feed aggregators. Indispensable for collecting content, the RSS feed aggregator brings together in a single interface the latest articles from blogs or sites of your choice . It also supports alerts from other monitoring tools like Google Alerts or Alerti , for example. Every day, you will be able to take note of the novelties in your theme and use them for your curation.

Personally, I use Netvibes, but you can also look from Feedly, NewsBlur or Digg Reader. Social networks
The hashtag, you know, that word preceded by a #, is used on most social networks. It allows you to carry out an additional watch on a specific keyword, to strengthen your RSS feed tools . Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus, do not hesitate to set up a search for specific expressions. Be careful, the hashtag is often just one word, so really choose a global theme. For more precise searches, it is better to favor Google alerts. See our article 3 ways to integrate hashtags into your Social Media Marketing strategy

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