Sometimes the success of a content marketing campaign doesn’t really matter. Of course, regular production of quality content , knowledge of your Tunisia Email List personas and influencers in your sector as well as the application of certain SEO rules will put you on the right track, but that will not guarantee you success. . Sometimes all it takes is a little extra to boost your performance indicators and see your content strategy make a real impact . In this article, it is these seemingly insignificant little opportunities that I would like to tell you about.

Here are 4 small tactics to implement very easily in your content strategy and which can bring you visible results: 1. Make your titles more attractive. Advertising industry legend David Ogilvy said that typically 5 times more people read an article’s title than its content . This is the reason why, even if it is commonly accepted that the quality of the content is paramount, the title is just as important (if not more). How then to produce catchy, intriguing titles that will ignite social networks? Try the following tips: The titles in the form of classification (” the 10 heavenly places to visit before dying” ); The How-To (” how to lose weight with minimal effort “); The anti-tips ( ” The reproaches to make to your wife if you want to have a bad time “); The ” revelation ” titles (” Subprime scandal: the horrible truth “)

Ask a question at the end of your articles

The notion of engagement is very important to measure the success of a content marketing campaign . From an SEO point of view , an article that generates a lot of comments is perceived by Google as being of quality and will rise in the results pages. So it’s important that you implement a tactic to get your readers to comment on the content they just read. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to ask a question at the end of your articles . Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Neil Patel , founder of Quick Sprout , made 2 interesting observations about this: Articles ending with a question received an average of 18% more comments ; Open ended and generic questions (eg “What other techniques have you tried to get more traffic?”) Got 11% more comments than technical and closed questions.

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They can thus get to know future customers, while following their activities closely. They will know when to offer help and when to contact them. Not to mention that they will be able to benefit from a lot of information intended to better identify the buyers persona. Social selling consists of really integrating social networks into your commercial approach. It is essential to find a balance between digital marketers and salespeople, so that they reflect together on the qualification of prospects and activate the conversion levers at the appropriate time. Companies that have already restructured their services and resources, to combine social networks and sales, show much better performance than others. What are you waiting for to lead this transition in your business?

Build your content so that it is easily read …

With the thousands (millions?) Of new content posted on the web every day , it’s not easy to capture a reader’s audience for 3 minutes to read your 800-word article. Faced with so many choices, they no longer have the time or the inclination to fully immerse themselves in reading a content, preferring to browse here and there from one piece of article to another (we call this new consumer behavior “content snacking”). By structuring your content with titles and subheadings, bullet points and images , you make it more appealing to the reader who will be more inclined to take the time to read it from A to Z.

The number of shares an article receives is, like the number of comments, a quality signal taken into account by search engines. Not only will content shared on Facebook, Twitter or G + bring you more visibility and organic traffic , it will also benefit from better SEO . As with most blogs, you have certainly installed a free plugin at the bottom of each article that allows easy sharing with its community on social networks . But have you thought about placing it at the beginning of your article as well?

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