Lack of inspiration comes knocking on any blogger’s door at one point or another. You have to constantly come up with new ideas to bring your customers Iran Phone Number List and useful information about your services. You can sometimes feel like you’ve covered the question … To prevent the famous blank page syndrome from disturbing your Content Marketing strategy , here are 6 inexhaustible sources to find inspiration!

1. Monitor … especially on foreign blogs
Watching is a well-known technique for finding inspiration. Equip yourself with powerful tools to screen the internet and bring up all the information related to your activity. In addition, do not hesitate to watch Anglo-Saxon blogs , they are often one step ahead of the French market! You will thus be able to benefit from studies, information and advice to give that none of your competitors will have yet dealt with. Remember that the goal of a business blog is to provide useful information to your prospects, but also to manage your online reputation. By offering original content , you immediately show your expertise through real news.

2. Get inspired by your customers’ questions

Customers are an inexhaustible source of inspiration . They allow you to get a lot of information from your immediate surroundings. Questions and comments left by your readers on social networks , on your blog or sent by email can also become articles or case studies . Tell yourself that if one customer has a question, hundreds of others have questions too. Then build content around the problem exposed, show that you are listening, while capturing the interest of new prospects .


It’s a great way to broaden your field of thinking and diversify your sources of inspiration . Join discussion groups on Facebook or Linkedin to exchange your ideas. You will see trends emerge there and you will be able to think about how to bring them from the point of view of your business. 4. Tap into your personal experiences Why not write an article with your own personal experience and transpose it to your sector of activity? Usually this results in very relevant, well-illustrated case studies.

Draw ideas for articles from readers’ suggestions

You can also produce an article where you reconcile your personal experience with a topic that is creating a buzz right now. The secret is always to bring your touch and put your personality there. In addition to demonstrating your know-how , you provide insight into your values ​​and character. These last points are important for establishing a close relationship with your prospects. It humanizes the relationship and allows them to identify with you. As a blogger , the preferences of your readers are a great source of inspiration for you. Why not just ask them what topics they would like to see covered on the blog? Never hesitate to end your articles with a question that invites them to ask their questions or simply suggest a topic. By writing an article directly inspired by the readers, you are sure of its impact on your target!

6. Read books related to your activity
Reading is undoubtedly an inexhaustible source of article ideas, but it is often overlooked! The lack of time often pushes to give up reading, but a single book can allow you to identify ten ideas. In addition, a complete book allows to draw a more in-depth reflection of your subject , in order to create more pointed articles. More broadly, after reading, you can then conduct the author’s interview or directly offer your opinion and analysis of the said book.

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