You write to be read, that’s undeniable! But why and by whom do you want to be read? Manage your image, incite action, generate traffic on your site, Estonia Phone Number List an offer… All of this at the same time? Whatever the reasons that push you to write an article, it is essential to prepare before writing , so that your text is in line with your needs and correctly meets your expectations and in the same way those of your targets. Here are 6 key steps that will help you write the perfect article, and enrich your content marketing strategy !

How to select the community management provider? The choice of an agency or a freelance is often guided by the complexity of the digital project or the allocated budget. It’s up to you to target the most suitable service provider to entrust them with your digital presence on social networks. To benefit from a complete social media marketing service integrated into a global digital strategy, a community management agency is ideal. Having skills in all web trades, she will be able to manage the different segments of your social media strategy and analyze the in-depth impact using professional tools.

Step 1: Find a topic for a blog post

Before starting to write, you have to choose your topic . To find inspiration, you can draw on the comments of your blog, answer questions frequently asked by your customers , keep an eye on the news of your market, present the interest of your services or simply give practical advice on the use of your products / services. To get regular ideas, you can download an app like Evernote, where you’ll jot down themes as soon as you think about them. The advantage of the application is to be compatible with your computer, your smartphone and your tablet. Whether you are in the office, at home or on public transport, you can immediately keep your idea. Over time, you will have a long list to draw from to deliver your content marketing strategy .


For smaller companies, which have a limited budget (less than € 1,500 per month), the freelance community manager will be the right solution. With a reduced price, you will be able to benefit from a tailor-made digital service. The best thing is to request several comparative quotes before making your choice. In addition, refer to the quality of the services of each community manager to be fixed on their respective skills. Contact us for a personalized social media marketing quote !

Step 2: collect and compile the sources

When you find your topic, you may need to do some research on the topic. Then compile all the necessary studies, key figures and reference links in your document . Also, note the big ideas that this research brings to your mind. Gradually, you will see a plan take shape and the structure of your article will take shape (almost) on its own. Step 3: define the angle of attack

Now that you have all the information you need and that you have a structure, you need to define the angle of attack . Depending on the objective of the writing, you can choose an angle: Human: your article must elicit an emotional reaction. Economical: Your article deals with numbers, cost and economic impact. Technical: your text describes the usefulness and use of a service or product. Politics: your article deals with the consequences of a decision on your market. History: the text makes a comparison or deals with the evolution of a subject through the ages. Step 4: Define the target audience

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