Trello is a collaborative tool that makes it easy to create an editorial calendar, then share it with colleagues and clients. It makes it possible to Tunisia Phone Number List the progress of projects and to quickly see where the articles to be returned are. No wonder we use it every day at Markentive … and we highly recommend it! To show you the usefulness of Trello in managing the content marketing strategy of your company or your customers , here is an overview of its main functions.

The free account
To use Trello, you must first create an account on their site . It’s free and it takes less than a minute! After clicking on your confirmation email, you have direct access to the tool and you can set up your first editorial calendar. The “boards” Now that you have your dashboard, it’s time to create a “board”, which defines a project. To do this, go to the “+” next to your name, at the top right. Choose “New Board” and name it. It is recommended to create one board per customer to have a unique overview of each calendar.

We are seeing more and more eco-responsible brands appear, putting organic at the center of their communication, to show that they care about the environment and convince bio-consumers. Large groups are taking the lead in this movement to prevent their customers from looking for organic stores and creating subsidiaries that advocate ecological respect. Carrefour is launching “Carrefour Bio”, Auchan is launching a “Mieux Vivre” range, Leclerc is presenting “Bio Village”, and so on.

Manage the progress of articles

When a person is working on an item, they can inform others step by step of the progress of their production. You just have to move the cards to the right place each time. Anyone can see the article on “How to use Trello?” Is being written. Display a calendar
Another feature of Trello is the calendar view, which really gives you an overview of the editorial calendar and requirements. In the menu on the left, the “Power Ups” option offers several additional functions, including calendar display.

Tunisia Phone Number List

A small icon then appears, which allows you to switch between list view and calendar view. Perfect for seeing which items to prioritize. With this visual, you can show your client the established publication schedule and validate it with him. Then all you have to do is inform the writer (s) who are responsible for creating the content . By switching back to list view, you will know exactly where each text is and you will never miss any deadlines again!

The free account

We also have the advertising format that changes to rely on storytelling and tell us a story that takes place in a humanized environment. Coca-Cola is the champion in this field and certainly the pioneer. The brand has always wanted to demonstrate its values ​​of sharing and friendship, as proved by its famous Christmas advertisements with the polar bear family or more recently with its “Share a Coca-Cola” campaign which highlights personalized bottles with the first name of your friends.

We are seeing positions taken by companies to show that they are speaking out against certain practices and to advocate well-defined values. For example, St-Mamet clearly shows its support for the actions of the WWF association, with a range of “Berlingos’ Animos” compote which aims to educate children in a fun way on the protection of the environment and the environment. biodiversity. In addition, the brand highlights the fact that with each pack of compotes purchased, part of the profits are donated to the association. The observation is the same, the consumer ultimately goes well beyond the purchase of a compote!

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