It is not always easy to get inspired for your blog posts all the time , especially after several years of professional blogging. However, be aware that Singapore Phone Number List your old content are certainly hiding articles that you can update quickly enough, to republish them easily. Revising an article using a new angle of approach or another destination format allows you to bring real added value to your content strategy .

Recycling your old articles allows you to increase the life of your content and produce new editorials at a lower cost . To help you recycle your old articles with finesse and relevance, here are 5 very useful tips. But do not forget to look at image sharing sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram, which are particularly popular on mobile and are real levers of conversion. Thanks to visuals and descriptions, you can easily share your product sheets and encourage your subscribers to click or re-share in turn, to expand your audience.

Update your article data

Updating your articles begins with revising the figures and data published there. You certainly cited studies with percentages and other numbers that have evolved since then. Then take care to review the results of studies and other reports contained in each article to be recycled, to update the figures and why not modernize the article a little. Some tips may be out of date or may be tweaked to match the new trend.


Turn a list of tips or a study into an infographic
You certainly have articles in the form of lists of tips, tricks or even errors. This content generally works very well with Internet users and can easily be recycled to extend its lifespan. To do this, consider turning those lists into impactful infographics . Internet users remember images more easily and above all, they can more easily consult a visual on their mobile. This type of content also has a high potential for engagement and is generally sharing. In this sense, do not hesitate to take a list that has aroused the interest of your readers, to transform it into an infographic .

Summarize your article in the form of a video

The alternative to computer graphics is video. Recycling content in video format also allows Internet users to keep the image in memory. For example, you could turn one of your case studies into a video training session, where you will speak to explain the topic, while interspersing the sequence with the examples that were used to illustrate your writing. You can also turn an article into a podcast. You will already start from a solid base and you will then be able to comment more on the subject and adapt it to new trends.

Video and podcast are two mediums that will allow you to reach a new target , especially if you have never used them before. Transform your articles into slideshare presentation
The presentation of one or more articles in PowerPoint slide is a simple technique, but very effective. It has the advantage of being an educational tool and perfectly suited to reading on mobile. To appeal to a large audience, it is important to adopt a concise and clear presentation. Also remember to structure the main ideas of your article in different chapters. Do not hesitate to combine several articles dealing with the same subject and to make a file in the form of a “powerpoint” type presentation.

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