If you read our blog regularly (and we thank you for it), then you will know that we Panama Phone Number List content marketing to be in a way the “philosopher’s stone” of inbound marketing. It is indeed through quality content that your little tasteless website will turn into a real business development tool, generating traffic, leads and customers .

This is the theory. In practice, for your content to take off your business and provide you with a real ROI, it must be found, read and shared. “But, if they are of quality, they will be consumed by Internet users, right? “. Maybe, but will they be consumed by the people you really care about? These people who will gradually become leads , and then become regular and happy customers? And you, what are the practices that you would recommend to optimize the natural referencing of a website?

More than quality: relevance

What if I told you that the problem was not with the quality of your post, but rather with the choice of your subject? Think about it for a moment: if your article did not interest your readers, it is simply because you did not raise an issue that interested them . You have not provided this solution which addresses their problems. Before going any further, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you really know your readers, your prospects, your customers?
Do you know what their needs and desires are?
Why would they be interested in your products and services?
If you can’t answer it, look no further: your problem is right there in front of your eyes.

Panama Phone Number List

Take the time to browse the blog, but also the various resources that the agency makes available to you (ebook, presentation, brochure, etc.). The ability to use simple words to explain technical actions demonstrates perfect knowledge of the activity. It is also a proof of empathy on the part of the agency, and let us repeat, empathy is an essential element in the conduct of any Inbound Marketing campaign. By using software like Hubspot and with a little hindsight on its client projects, a good agency can identify leads and forecast the ROI of inbound marketing activities by committing to specific objectives that will serve as a guideline: traffic, leads, customers …

Know your buyer personas

We told you about it again a few days ago in one of our articles : “Buyers personas define the type of person who is interested in your services. Working on the personality of your prospects is essential to set up an adequate Inbound Marketing strategy , in line with their expectations and their needs. ”

As you can see, a buyer persona is a fictional character representing your ideal client . It is in fact a representation of all your current and potential customers materialized in one and the same person. It is built on the information you collect here and there about your real customers: through field research , reports , case studies , etc. First ask yourself what are the things you need to know in order to get to know your customers better.and offer them what they are looking for. Then, thanks to your work of collecting, compile and cross the interesting data until you manage to create this archetype. Once your buyer persona has been established, don’t forget to give him a name and an image, which will facilitate the assimilation of the characteristics of your character and will allow you to better represent him to yourself.

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