Internet users have become accustomed to doing research on the Internet when they encounter difficulties or feel a particular need. They will then very often question search engines like Google to better Malta Phone Number List their problem or to be guided in their purchase and identify the best possible service provider to solve their problem. In this selection process, they will take into account different evaluation criteria that belong to them. It’s up to you to present yourself in your best light because price is no longer the only decision-making factor, especially in an ultra-competitive world where the consumer is clearly taking power.

In the age of 3.0 marketing, potential customers are looking for a company to identify with, with values ​​common to their own, but they also want guarantees on the quality of the additional services offered: after-sales service, delivery, insurance, etc. And to show him all your skills, make him understand the quality of your services and reassure your ethics, the Inbound Marketing is especially effective. “Thank you for downloading our white paper on XXXX, now take advantage of a 15-day free trial offer to our service at the following link!”

It all starts with educating your prospects!

The central axis of an inbound marketing strategy is content. With a well-thought-out content marketing strategy , you will be offering plenty of evidence of your expertise to visitors to contacts who pass through your sites and visit your social media profiles . By creating relevant content, optimized for SEO and with high added value, then you will attract the attention of your target. Infographics, case studies, white papers … everything is good to make her understand the ins and outs of her problem and make her aware that there are solutions available to her. Solutions that your company offers of course (it’s better)!

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In another style and with a little more realism, here is another version. After a visitor has downloaded a white paper, they are invited here to carry out a self-assessment of their way of doing things. The idea here is to make the contact understand that he could benefit from the use of our services. In this way, the client realizes for himself that it would benefit from changing his practices. The following ? We present him with a case study or our offer!

Produce rewarding content for your business

For this to be effective, your content marketing needs to be well put together. Through your articles, guides, tutorials or visuals, it is important to stand out from your competitors. With an original focus, a tone adapted to your target and personalized content, you will offer your prospect all the elements necessary to understand your business vision and identify with your values. This content also goes through press releases, client testimonials and blog articles which show your constant presence in your field of activity and which enhance your work and your services.

All your content must be designed to highlight your expertise, without bragging too much. This is the subtle art of Inbound Marketing: attracting your target with content that will be useful to them, while promoting your expertise. Your products and services will sell all the better! “Thank you for downloading our white paper on XXXX, have you thought about carrying out an audit of your XXXX? Find on the following link a guide to quickly analyze your current processes yourself!”

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