Last June, Google made Azerbaijan Email List update to its algorithms. As usual, the search engine gave little information on this novelty, fueling more and more the mysteries surrounding its algorithm. To see more clearly, here is what to remember from this update. On July 1, Google announced the update on Twitter, saying: “The July 2021 Core Update, previously announced, is now rolling out.” (“The previously announced July 2021 main update is now deployed”). The search engine clarified that the update typically takes 1 to 2 weeks to fully apply. As usual, Google has provided little information regarding this major update. This is the sequel to the June 2021 Core Update.

The company simply said last June that this update would have major repercussions. All the improvements are not yet ready, the search engine has preferred a deployment of the solution in two stages: a first update in June and a second in July. Several times a year, the search engine has launched major updates on its algorithms to offer its users an ever more efficient tool. These can have a big impact on the SEO of websites. Some sites experience a sudden increase in visibility while others suffer the costs. The announcements of a major new update are therefore an important event for all SEO players.

July 2021 update

Partner marketing is increasingly common between brands. Two or more companies join forces to evolve together (B2B Partnership). Thus, one can take advantage of the audience and the reputation of the other to make itself known and gain new customers. This pillar of the marketing mix requires thinking about the brands with which an association would be beneficial for the marketing of your company’s offer. Purple cow – the purple cow By alluding to the metaphor of the purple cow, this tenth P of the marketing mix translates the idea of ​​surprising the customer with innovation. The product must therefore bring originality to stand out from what already exists.


This is a great time to take stock of your SEO strategy in order to prevent a potential drop in performance on certain pages. We recommend that you run an analysis of your site to compare the positioning of your pages before and after the update. One thing is certain, Google is still fond of good content and still values ​​the websites that produce it. To use this SEO leverage to your advantage, discover Google’s criteria for the quality of content . Thanks to the LEN law, this concept is now mandatory and the explicit authorization of the Internet user is required to conduct prospecting through his email address. This component fits very well with the spirit of inbound marketing .

The main Google updates

A marketing audit and market analysis are necessary to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the product in the market in order to perfect it and adapt it to your targets . As we said above, the pillars of the marketing mix are interrelated and do not lead to a good result when taken separately. They must therefore be studied in relation to the same product and the same target to be effective. The challenge is to exploit these different levers to offer a coherent offer adapted to the target audience. Key performance indicators in project management provide the project manager with the means to measure the achievement of tasks against planned thresholds.

He can thus determine the gaps between the objectives and the results and effectively administer his teams. As an example, we have: the respect of deadlines, the error rate, the completion rate or the percentage of achievement of the objectives To analyze key performance indicators, presentations of management dashboards are used to improve and facilitate the decision-making process. It is imperative to update them regularly to ensure the quality of the results. Key performance indicators also find their place in the Balanced Scorecard (BSC-Balanced Scorecard English). In this case, they evaluate the achievement of a precisely defined objective or of an element which contributes to the achievement of this objective.


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