If you want to learn more about link building, click on what is link building. 7. The number of returning users one of the main objectives in content marketing is to generate engagement with users and above all to be an inexhaustible source of information. This is a critical seo metric as this determines the quality of the content you have. Therefore, another relevant measurement is given by the number of users who visit us more than once. If you do it right, many of them will become subscribers to your site through the newsletter , and they will be the beginning of our community.

Review and make possible guesses about total users vs. Recurring ones. Do not forget that you should seek to reduce the bounce rate. This metric indicates the percentage of single page sessions. This means that a user leaves our website on the home page without even interacting with it. 8. Backlinks when talking about seo metrics , external links that lead from other pages to ours are known as backlinks. If you want to delve into this Peru phone number concept, we invite you to read the following article that explains ¨¨ what are backlinks ¨¨. Its amount reflects the credibility of the website, because the greater the importance of the sites that link to us, the greater the reputation that we will gain against google.

According to the Length of Each Text

Of course, what counts is that different domains cite us, not different pages of the same domain. Always look to improve the domain authority (da) of your website. If you achieve it, your seo will be better every day. What is da (domain authority) or domain rating (dr) to authority score (as)? The da is the moz indicator, the as (authority score) is from semrush, and the dr is the ahrefs indicator. In both cases they refer to the level of confidence that your website has against search engines. You can determine this by the quality of the incoming links they have to your page.

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The better those links are (quality of the media they link to), the better your dr or da will be. With these seo metrics we finish this guide and remember that every small action that we undertake in our content marketing strategy will bring us closer to the great goal, so do not give up along the way, because managing seo will bring benefits for your brand and above all a continuous learning.Marketers know that to rank well in search engines they need to implement an seo strategy .

Since Not All Content Requires

That is, optimizing the content to give the audience what they are looking for. Hence, 64% of marketers spend time on this activity (hubspot, 2020). Among them the search and incorporation of long tail keywords . Do you know what they are and what is their importance? Keywords come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A long tail keyword is usually a phrase of three or more words (semrush, nd). They are characterized by having a lower search level and less competition than popular keywords. For example, when you google “ long tail ” you get 852,000,000 results.


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