Many website or blog owners have the bitter experience of seeing their traffic curve hopelessly stagnate for the first few weeks after the launch of their project. However, you have taken care to polish your product Uzbekistan Email List to the smallest detail, you have developed a high-performance site with a pleasant design and you regularly publish quality content. It’s true, generating an audience takes patience , but if you launched your marketing activities after launching your site, you probably did it way too late …

When you create a website , you are pretty much the only one who knows about it. It is only gradually, through your efforts and your marketing activities, that you will be able to build a digital presence . But it can take a while… This is why it is interesting to build a strategy well before the launch of your site in order to generate a significant mass of traffic on the big day.

Consider teasing for the launch

As its name suggests, a “Coming soon page”, a teasing, is used to inform the visitor that your website will be launched soon. Its goal is to inform the visitor about the nature of your activity and to build up a mailing list by collecting their contact details in order to be able to communicate with them when your site is actually ready. You can then send an email to your list announcing the good news and hope to directly generate traffic to your brand new website.

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Visually, a “Coming soon page” looks a lot like a traditional landing page: it is a single page, with a minimalist design and without a navigation bar (rather logical since your site does not yet exist) and which has a small form to generate leads.

Use guest blogging

It is often said that guest blogging is an excellent way to strengthen the SEO of your website by generating external links , indeed bloggers are gaining more and more influence . Even if your website does not yet exist, there is still a significant interest: that of generating brand awareness around your activities and making yourself known to your future customers. Locate the most relevant sites and ask them to publish one of your content. As a hyperlink, add your home page, which at the moment is nothing more than your “coming soon page”. Thanks to this guest blogging article, you will therefore generate traffic and grow your mailing list , exactly what you need!

Think about networking on social networks and elsewhere
Do not hesitate to talk about your project around you and to ask those around you. Build up a list of influencers in your industry and people with a similar target audience and send them an email explaining your approach, you will be surprised to find that many of them would be happy to help you and take the plunge. word on their social networks. Press relations 2.0 remain very important to make yourself known!

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