In the second half of 2015, the competition of cross-border e-commerce companies such as overseas e-commerce is still heating up at an accelerating rate. NetEase Koala Overseas Shopping, SF Express Haitao are backed by established Internet companies and logistics companies, Miya Baby, Yangquan, Xiaohongshu and other startups It has also completed at least two rounds of financing… In addition, Cyprus Phone Number according to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce in 2014. There are more than 5,000 platform companies engaged in cross-border e-commerce in my country. And foreign Cyprus Phone Number trade companies that carry out cross-border e-commerce business through various platforms. There are more than 200,000 enterprises.

It Has Also Completed at Least

The blowout development has brought the problems of this industry with it—— Fake goods manufacturers closely follow the trend of overseas online shopping. Disguising themselves as Cyprus Phone Number foundries of overseas products to enter the overseas online shopping platform. At this time, consumers have not yet acquired the ability to distinguish genuine and fake overseas products; their products are diapers and milk powder, and there are only a few brands; Passionate about fighting and price fighting, rather than Cyprus Phone Number  transforming personal overseas shopping and purchasing, and jointly cultivate the overseas shopping market;

The Only Difference Is That Cyprus Phone Number

Cyprus Phone Number
Cyprus Phone Number

How will small e-commerce companies that rely on tax differences survive? Cross-border e-commerce staged the “Battle of Amoy” What are the problems with the existing overseas online shopping platforms? On August 17, Tencent Technology exposed a “foundry” Cyprus Phone Number that produces Korean brand 3CE cosmetics. The owner can provide all relevant qualifications: brand authorization letter, trademark authorization letter, Cyprus Phone Number production license, etc. The only difference is that this brand identical to South Korea’s “3CE” is not from South Korea. But from a company in Wuhan, China.

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